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Now-a-days more and more people are switching to work from home jobs. Especially the housewives, the nursing mothers, retired professionals are more and more trying to have a substantial amount of money in their bank accounts. And, for that online works or home based jobs are gaining huge popularity. Of the various home based jobs, the one that is growing its popularity with the passage of days is the Online Photography. People with the passion of photography are now-a-days clicking unique and beautiful photos and selling it online to the prospective clients. Here are the top 5 sites to sell photos online. Have a look and earn in dollars.

1. SmugMug Pro

smugmugSmugMug Pro is a wonderful client, who purchases good quality photos online. This provides the easiest platform to sell photos online. So, all those individuals, passionate for online photography, SmugMug Pro is the place for you. First sign up in SmugMug Pro and upload your photos you wish to sell. Then select the prices for them. This website is the best for the individuals planning to have an entrepreneurial mind set up.

2. iStockphoto

istockiStockphoto is a site, whose main job is to sell stock images to various companies, professionals and individuals. It has been in this business since the year 2001. It has a wide network of new applicants and contributors. To apply for this site, select the category and fill out the application form. It doesn’t cost you any buck. Once your application is accepted, you receive a minimum of 15% of the amount for which your photo gets sold. The earning may increase up to 45%.

3. Shutterstock

shutterstockThis is one of the best sites to sell photos online. Shutterstock acts as a store for some of the best collection of photos. It is a microstock website that sells your photos. There is a guide to free contributor service. If you’re new to this field, have a look at it. It helps to earn up to a maximum of $120 per download of images. Though the pricing structure of this website is a bit complicated, yet it is very popular for online photography across the world.

4. Flickr

getty imageGetty Images and Flickr made a collaboration in the year 2010 and created a platform for the individuals having the passion of photography. This platform provides images with rights managed and royalty free as well. Thus, this provides both of the features at one platform – stock sales and image sharing as well.

5. Dreamstime

dreamstimeDreamstime is one of the best sites to sell photos online. It is the micro collection of some of the best creative and unique images. It is an extremely reputed hub to sell photos as well. However, prior to initiate selling of your photos, they need to be approved by the editors of Dreamstime. Once the image is approved, you get the chance to earn around 25% to 50% of royalty from the images. You also get a chance to earn an extra of 10% or be an exclusive photographer of Dreamstime for all your exclusive images.

These are some of the top 5 sites to sell photos online. Make your dream of online photography come true.


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