Sharing Your Apartment with Besties can Definitely be Fun


Tired of living alone in your furnished apartment but don’t want to invite strangers to share your accommodation? Well, this could be the ideal scenario for you to visit your best friend to live with you. Sharing your rented house in Mumbai or any other city with your best friends can not only boost your friendship but also be a lot of fun. So, if your best friend is looking for a home, why not invite him or her to your apartment? This article looks at why sharing your apartment with your besties is a great idea.

Taking Care of the Money Crunch

Living with your best friends can be good for taking care of your monthly expenses such as grocery bills and expenses of weekend parties, along with paying the rent. Be sure to talk about the money part before you invite your best friend to avoid misunderstandings. Referring your friends to rental property services such as NestAway can be rewarding too. Along with cash prizes for referrals, NestAway also rewards you for referring your best friends to its rooms for rent in Indian cities.

Late-night Talks

Living with your friend can also be good for your emotional health. You can now share your daily experiences and feelings at the end of the day with your friend in a face-to-face conversation. Additionally, late-night talks can also strengthen your friendship.

Never Again have to Go Out Alone

Planning for a late-night outing or a weekend trip? Staying with your best friends can definitely be easier, as friends tend to have common interests and things that they do together.

Watch TV Shows Together

Spend an entire day or late hours watching your favourite TV-show episodes on Netflix or from recordings. Why watch alone when you can have your best friends alongside on your couch, along with some binge eating and refreshments?

Getting Out of the City

City life, no matter what happens, can be taxing and monotonous at times. Want to escape from your city and spend your weekend in a hill station or a beach spot? Living with your friends can lead to a few unplanned road trips or weekend getaways. Just pack in a few clothing and accessories, along with a vehicle, and you are ready to go.

Sharing Your Household Chores

Tired of doing the household chores or the grocery shopping alone? No longer, as you now have your live-in friend to help you out!

Weekend Parties

Weekend parties at home are so much fun and more happening when staying with your best friends. No longer do you need to plan home parties for weeks! Just plan a couple of days before and get it organised with a little help from your live-in besties. While living with your best friends can have its share of complications, this is much better than staying alone or with a bunch of strangers.


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