Shall I Wear Bra at Night While Sleeping
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Shall I Wear Bra at Night While Sleeping?


It often is the case that you simply fall asleep and don’t wish to remove your bra after a long night. However, there are several consequences about wearing a bra at night while sleeping. It’s a myth that wearing a bra at night while sleeping makes your breasts perkier and will prevent the breasts from becoming sagged.  Also, there are several camisoles with inbuilt bra in it. So, it’s important that you  get a clear idea about shall I wear bra at night while sleeping.

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1. Skin Irritation

The hooks and straps of your bra can protrude in your skin and give rise to lesions. This gives rise to itching sensation and skin irritation.

2. Affects Blood Circulation

If the bra is too tight or underwire, there will be constriction in the pectoral muscles, The blood circulation in the nerves will be affected badly. The breast tissues can also be hurt if too tight bra like a sports bra is worn at night. There will be restricted circulation.

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3. Restlessness and Pain

You may not even realize that you’re going through pain while sleeping. Restlessness is yet another major consequence of not taking off bra at night. Your sleep will be greatly affected.

4. Growth of Breast Fungus

Wearing bra all the time will create a moist environment around your breasts. This is simply the perfect one for the growth of the breast fungus. Simply by removing the bra at night will prevent the growth of the fungi in the region.

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5. Discoloration in the Skin

The tight hooks and straps often give rise to discoloration of the skin. The skin gets darkened, which may also lead to hyperpigmentation.

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So, be very careful about wearing bra at night. And even if you wear, it’s recommended to not wear a bra with underwire.


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