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Sex Before Marriage Has an Impact On Relationship: Check Out How


When you’re destined to be together for your lifetime, what makes you opt for sex before marriage? Why can you really not wait for the wedding night? Though, it says that sex imparts intimacy, but can you guarantee the intimacy for your lifetime? Or can you be very sure of having premarital sex and not repenting later? Just check out the following effects of sex before marriage on relationship and give it a thought before you actually get your hands on it.

1. The Intimacy is Lost

Once you start getting involved physically with your partner, you may be very excited in your initial days. You may end up having sex for even 4 times a week. But this when happens over a period of time, spoils the intimacy between the partners. Also, the desire to take the relationship to the next level with the same person, ie., marriage often vanishes.

2. Sex Before Marriage is More about Lust

According to the surveys, it’s found that people opting for sex before marriage usually gets involved physically to fulfill their desires for the body. It’s purely based on lust. And, once the satisfaction is attained, the lust usually disappears and the spark in the relationship is lost.

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3. Not Every Couple Who Has Premarital Sex Gets Married

You don’t get married to all of your boyfriends or girlfriends. Do you? Then, why share your most private, personal and intimate moments with someone, who may or may not be with you in your later phases of life? Also, many a time, if such couples breakup, the sex before marriage become an extra baggage and a cause of repentance.

4. Men Think It to be Just a Part of Their Relationships While Women Think Otherwise

This is a common thought of men in a relationship that when they are in a romantic relationship, they ought to involve completely with their girls. Sexual relationship is just the part of their relationship. While women, who involve in sex before marriage often have the notion of surrendering completely to the man.  The expectations of women increase considerably, while this is not the case with men. And, then arise conflicts with heavy chances of breaking up.

5. Undesired Pregnancy

This is a serious cause of concern for couples having sex before marriage. A women monthly cycle is very tricky. And, nobody can be 100 percent sure about it. There will always remain a chance of undesired pregnancy. Do you have less stress in your life? Why do you wish to take an additional stress of undesired pregnancy just for no reason?

The man, who respects his girl will have no problem in waiting for the wedding night. This portrays that he gives more value to the girl over his physical desires. When you’re thinking of spending your entire life together, why not take your relationship to the next level before surrendering yourself completely? You will enjoy every bit of this wonderful sexual relationship without fear and doubt. It will mark the beginning of a new phase of life together full of commitment, trust, intimacy and fun..

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