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Separation on Rise: Basic Reasons Revealed


It’s never so easy to say goodbye to the person you have loved so much. There might be a few reasons that made you think that leaving your partner is the right decision. Frankly, separation is the most difficult step that one has to take. In some cases, couples have often tried looking for online solutions for the conflicts that deteriorate a relation. Practically, legal advice or counseling is the best thing. Despite that, if parting is the only solution for the problem, then you certainly have to go through it.

1. No Clear Communication

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Communication is extremely important for a healthy relation. Many cases have been filed for divorce due to lack of communication. Often misunderstanding takes place in a relation. If there is no communication or efforts that are being made to clear it out, then chances of partition are high. To flourish your relationship, you must ensure that your partner stays contended in all aspects. Certainly what unsaid will never be known to you or your partner unless you both speak up. Hence, make up your team stronger by having a healthy communication.

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2. Money, Yet Another Reason for Separation

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Often, people start living together without considering important aspects of life. Sometimes being too much in love may ruin the relationship. People neglect the fact that along with food, shelter and clothing, money has also become a basic necessity in life. There can be a time, when relationship complications can arise due to monetary issues. Lack of money or less monetary contribution for routine life can result in differences. If your partner is too much into debt or not controlling on the spending, then hang on! Is it ruining your relation because of monetary stress? It may result into separation, if right steps are not taken.

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3. Don’t Neglect Intimacy Issues

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In olden days, often partners were not so comfortable in speaking about this problem. However, it is a fact that sex plays an important role in making and breaking a relation. Many conflicts take place among partners, where the man, who is extremely a sex drive seeks for pleasure from the woman, who is not so keen. Often lack of sexual pleasure and intimacy issues result to differences, due to which a gap between the partner increases. This eventually leads to severance.

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4. Adultery

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It’s also considered to be the common reason for legal severance. If one of the spouse is into extra marital affair, then there is no looking back in such relationship. It doesn’t make any point to be in a relation, where both the partners are not in love with each other. This is frustrating. But it’s always better to part ways than to stay together with such fact.

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5. Addictions

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In today’s lifestyle, alcohol, drugs and smoke have become quite common aspects of life. Certainly, over limit of these things will ruin not only health, but also a relation. One of the common reasons of relationship complications is addiction of any such thing. Sometimes, partners become violent, when such addictions start ruling their life. Partners of the addicts have often complained for peace and love, which they don’t get from their partner as they are busy struggling with the addiction. This leads to separation. If not dealt properly, then it leads to divorce as well.

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Separation is not an easy thing for sure. Often at such critical time, your friends and family can be the best supports.  They can help you to deal with it. In case, there are children involved, then you are advised to take some professional assistance. Some of these reasons can be worked upon and some of them may not. Instead of coming on a temporary agreement, making the right decision is necessary.



25 thoughts on “Separation on Rise: Basic Reasons Revealed”

  1. All the above reasons apart from Money wouldnt make me consider it. I think all can be addressed. But a man who is stingy, mean and quarrels about money I dont wish to have. I believe as partners we should agree in our finances and how to manage them and thats it…no need for arguments about it PERIOD.

  2. I think of all the reasons, money should be the least. But these are all accurate. Relationships take hard work and sometimes people just prefer to give up.

  3. communication issues were the main reason that my ex boyfriend and i ended our relationship. going forward it is something that i want to do everything to keep from being an issue again

  4. Do you think boredom could be a legitimate issue as well? I think couples fall into routine and tend to forget to spend quality time together. Eventually people can fall out of love because of it.

  5. I agree, separation is the most difficult step for anyone as you never know what you are doing is right or not. In most cases, communication plays the main role as ego overtakes them on who should talk first & other than that, Money also has become a huge reason these days for separation.

  6. Communication is such a huge issue. If one party feels like the other isn’t listening it can really create resentment and bad feelings can fester. Thanks for sharing this – it’s so frank and honest.

  7. All of these are definitely grounds for consideration for separation. While some can be worked through like communication and intimacy issues, things like adultery and addiction sometimes can’t be overcome.

  8. separations are always hard. my husband and i were separated for a few months. we worked it out but it’s still very hard and sometimes easy to want to go back to that in a way

    1. I too think the same. If there’s love from both the sides, there’s no need of separation. But, if the love fails to exist even from one side, it becomes mandatory to get separated to lead a peaceful life. Because, it’s no use dragging anything, where there’s no love. What say?

  9. You nailed this list! I had to separate from my first husband because of something you mention Ed. Definitely not easy, but glad that’s done and over with!

    1. Oh! Yes Courtney. It’s better to get separated from the one’s who are not worth it. It indeed is difficult. But, I guess, anything that is good is definitely not easy. What say?

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