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SEO vs PPC: Which is Right for You


Long before web agency progressed, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay per Click (PPC) Advertising existed already in many corners of the world. It is the constant need of businesses to sell their goods or services through the World Wide Web that triggered the existence of these two online marketing platforms. The debate on which online marketing platform is better than the other still does not end until today.

In terms of pros and cons, there are a couple of pros and cons for each. That, for one has made decision making more difficult for these two faithful opponents. Amidst all the noise and arguments given by those professionals that are also avid fans of these two, there is only one factor that can ultimately call the shots. That factor is the appetite of the business owner that requested the online marketing.

Given that the aptness of the online marketing platform to be used depends greatly on the business owner, we may say that this issue is as subjective as choosing your favorite food for dinner. That is why subjectivity is necessary for measuring this contrast.

For this article, we’ll be listing the pros and cons of SEO and PPC in accordance with the type of business owner that may or may not use this business platform. Here are the five types or characteristics of business owners and the online marketing platforms fit for their wants and needs:

Pay per Click Advertising is known to be budget friendly because it allows you to manage your budget easily.

It allows business owners to spend only to those advertisements that already generated clicks, even if these clicks or hits are organic or not. For starters, business owners will only pay for the advertisement every time these ads generate clicks. Hence, the Pay per Click name of the online marketing platform. Unfortunately for SEO, business owners will have to pay for the whole digital marketing campaign no matter the effectiveness of the campaign. It is going to sound like betting to a gambling game.

Patient business owners will have to depend on SEO while those who cannot afford to wait will have to stick with PPC.

For those, who have the patience for long term investments, Search Engine Optimization will give you sweeter fruits than Pay per Click. This is because, PPC ads tend to get familiar with frequent site visitors, in the long run, some website visitors will more likely to ignore the ads in the long run. With SEO, on the other hand, it is very easy for marketers to manage their contents to make it more substantial to website visitors.

SEO can promise you huge long term Return of Investments (ROI) while PPC can generate quick ROIs and short term online visibility.

Business owners who love Online Reputation Management (ORM) is also going to love SEO.

It is mentioned above that marketers will easily be able to manage contents made for SEO to make them more substantial to visitors. This act will greatly contribute to the maintenance of the relevant topics or helpful contents related to the product or service this marketing campaign is for.

Having substantial contents will not only give plus points to the ORM campaign of the product or service. Contents like this will also make your advertisements more Search Engine friendly. Now that Google, the number one Search Engine in the world, is getting stricter with irrelevant contents, there is a huge need for online marketing to produce better web contents.

Business owners with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) will probably prefer PPC than SEO.

People with OCD will more likely prefer PPC over SEO because Pay per Click Advertising allows marketers and business to categorize keywords and determine the actual location of the traffic or clicks generated. This feature of PPC will also pave more ways for localization of keywords and neat organization of useful and not useful advertisements.

Lazy business owners or those who cannot afford to hire SEO experts to do the marketing job for them will love PPC.

The thing with PPC is that it encourages the website owner to do the legwork for you. That is because website owners will only get paid for all the clicks generated from their websites. Thus, they will be the ones to the hard work in order to get paid.

For online marketing platforms, there are no right and wrongs. There are only preferences, and those are the things that are written above. At least now, you already know that you have to know what type of business owner you are, then you find the online marketing platform that you prefer. SEO or PPC? You are the only one who can decide on that.



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