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Send Flowers Bouquets Guidelines for You


The fragrance of fresh flowers can bring a smile to everyone’s face. The hue and color of different flowers is a treat for the eyes. You can now send flower bouquet through e-commerce websites to your dear ones.

Send flowers to Pakistan where your loved one resides.

send flowers
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Do’s and Don’ts While Sending Flowers

Not every flower is meant for all occasions. Certain colors are not appropriate in some cases. Apart from this, your loved one would have a preference to certain flowers, and at the same time, the fragrance of a certain flower can give her a headache. Already feeling confused? Don’t worry, here are some guidelines that you can follow when you send flowers:

The Timing: There is no specific timing to send flowers. Women love it when they receive surprise bouquets from their loved ones. Flowers can be gifted as a gesture of affection which is very romantic.

1. Don’t Add too Many Green Leaves or Decorations

Flower bouquet must be dominated by flowers and not with the green leaves or other decorations like baby’s breath. The price of the bouquet is based on the number of flowers. Adding less number of flowers and more leaves would make the bouquet look cheap.

2. Colors

The colors of flowers have certain common meaning. It will be a good idea to take a look at what each color means and buy the color that is suitable for the occasion.

  • Pink: shows joy or gratitude
  • Red: shows love and affection
  • Yellow: stands for friendship
  • White: innocence and purity of the person
  • Dark crimson rose: ideal for funeral or mourning
  • Orange: shows attraction

3. The Arrangement of Flowers

It’s equally important to ensure that the flowers are arranged in the perfect manner. It would look silly if you gift your 26-year-old girlfriend a flower bouquet with a teddy bear because this is normally done by teenagers. It is better to buy a bouquet from a professional florist, who knows the art of flower arrangement. The way they decorate and pack the flowers adds beauty to the bouquet.

4. The Money Spent to Send Flowers

Bouquets comes in all shapes and sizes depending on how much you are willing to spend. You can tell your florist about your price range, the color and type of flowers you want in a bouquet. They should be able to send flowers bouquets for you. It is also a good idea to mention the occasion to the florist so that she/he may also help with his experience and provide some good suggestions.

5. Write a Proper Message on the Card

Normally the flower bouquet comes with a message card, which would indicate who has sent the bouquet. You can write some cute messages on it and see your girl smile reading it.

Gifting a flower bouquet is considered as classic and romantic by almost everyone. This gifting idea will never go out of style, what are you still waiting for, order one today for your beloved!


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