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Selfie: A Mental Disorder


The word, “Selfie” has become highly popular these days. Individuals become too much engrossed in sharing their photos in various social media like Twitter, Facebook, etc. They keep an eye on the number of comments, shares and likes all throughout the day. Even research studies have revealed that people get so much obsessed with taking selfies that they even try committing suicide if they fail to click the perfect selfies. Here are some basic facts about Selfies.

1. Define Selfie

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It is defined as a mental disorder. Selfie is also known as the self addiction. Individuals regardless of their occupations, ages and sexes become completely engrossed with taking selfies. This eventually leads to an attitude involving attention seeking and self indulgence. Overtime and obsession are the other concepts of selfies. It depicts the human tendency to get recognized, noticed and appreciated. It often becomes a threat to the overall personal development of the individuals. Also, it imposes threat to the entire social bonding as well.

2. Reasons for the Development of Selfie Related Disorder

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People obsessed with selfies develop this trait due to a lot of reasons. One major reason being the extreme peer pressure. Also, certain inherent traits of an individual often lead to the nature of seeking attention. Cosmetic surgery may be another cause of the development of this personality disorder. The desire to be accepted socially is yet another reason for the development of this disorder. Too much self esteem and ego are the other reasons. All these reasons lead to the development of this mental disorder.

3. Classifications of People Obsessed with Selfies

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They’re classified into various categories. They are the following:

  • Borderline Selfitis – These people click their photos three times every day. But, they don’t post their photos in social media always.
  • Chronic Selfitis – These people have no control in clicking their photos. They do it any time and every time and post them in social media always.
  • Acute Selfitis – These people click their photos three times every day and post their photos in social media always.

4. Characteristics of Selfie Obsessed People

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People obsessed with selfies portray the narcissist nature. They lack empathy. They are hypocrite, impulsive and are a psychopath. They get driven by words and actions of others. They have no confidence at all. They have selfish attitude as well. Self recognition and self obsession are the major characteristic features of these individuals. They also signal alarming features for men. They show self objectification and anti-social characteristics in their personalities. These are some characteristics of people obsessed with selfies.

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5. What happens with Selfie Obsessed People?

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Individuals become self-indulgent and arrogant. They come under huge psychological pressure. They lack confidence completely. This is basically a type of obsessive disorder. Selfies, also known as the body-dysmorphic compulsive disorder becomes very fatal at times. Individuals imbibe the tendency of committing suicide.

These are some basic facts on Selfies. If you wish to provide some more facts on this mental disorder, please share your views here.


10 thoughts on “Selfie: A Mental Disorder”

  1. I don’t take a lot of selfies but I don’t mind people who do. I don’t look at it as a mental disorder, though. But then again, I haven’t met someone who is highly addicted to selfies.

  2. Selfies. I have two views: sometimes they are necessary and if people don’t see your photo after you posted one before… they wonder if you really look like that or if it was photoshopped. The other is. I am sick of Selfies, but I love photobombing:) lol

  3. This is awesome information and I can see how this can happen to people. I have never been one for selfies but my nieces have so I will be sharing this with them.

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