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Search Engine Marketing : 5 Effective Tips


Search Engine Marketing is a must for any website. If you have a website, it’s equivalent to opening a shop offline. But if you want customers to visit your shop, you need to spread the word around when someone comes looking. This is what precisely SEM or Search Engine Marketing does. It allows you to get visibility in search engines like Google and Yahoo, who can drive customers to your site right when they’re looking for your product or service. And the best part is you pay only when they come visit!

search engine marketing
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1. Search Engine Marketing is not a DIY Project

There are a lot of articles out there that outline digital marketing tips but this really isn’t a child’s play. If it were, there wouldn’t be an entire industry of experts rallying behind it. Since you may be an entrepreneur starting out with a million things on your mind, we suggest you leave it to the experts rather than make mistakes as you’ll pay for them dearly by losing customers and money. That would bring you back to square one in six months.

2. Know Your Options

Internet marketing is not just about running text ads on Google or Facebook. It involves other media too. You have options to pay every time some one ‘sees’ you ad. This means, every time someone sees / views your ad it is counted as an ‘impression’ and you can choose to pay for cost per thousand impressions or CPM. The other simpler option is CPC or cost per click, which means you pay only when someone clicks on your ad. Most marketers, who wish to generate leads prefer CPC.

3. Target but don’t Hound Your Audience

The most preferred online choices for mass ads are Google and Facebook followed by LinkedIn. Then you have individual sites or blogs, which attract niche traffic. Each of these come with their own options like re-targeting (if you visit and then move to a different site, you will continue to see’s ads) and behavioral targeting (if you’ve visited or like jewellery, you’ll be shown related ads). While this is a great technique for generating recall, overdoing it can drive your audience away.

 4. Take Care of SEO before SEM

SEO or search engine optimization needs to be done before you try your hand at search engine marketing. Optimizing your site for the right terms automatically allows you to gain high ranks in Google for the keywords that people may use to search your site or service. This ensures long term traffic generation even after you run out of money for ad spends and stop other digital marketing activities. It is the very core of any internet marketing activity. If you have a site, optimize it.

5. Don’t forget content marketing

In the world of internet, content is king. Over 85% people on the internet only consume content. The rest participate and a few actually create original content. This is why original, plagiarism free writing is the heart of content marketing and is a great way to continually attract your audience to your site. Create a blog and update it regularly with tips, tricks and informative articles. Sell your content first and product later. Once you have a following, it’s easy to up-sell.

The world of search engine marketing is complex and needs to be navigated to win bidding wars against competition while keeping your spends low enough to make the advertising profitable. Do try once to see if it works for you!


16 thoughts on “Search Engine Marketing : 5 Effective Tips”

  1. Nice and information post! As rightly said, content is the king, no matter how much marketing we do, if our content doesn’t satisfy our audience, everything is vain!

  2. I’m 100% in agreement with you on this subject! When I talk of SEO and SEM, some of my buddies tell me to take a class and do it myself.
    That is nonsense. Experts exist for a reason and you have to make sure you work with those who have your best interests at heart. No black hat bs or you get taken out in a hot minute.
    As you suggested, I plan to avail myself of expert services in the coming months, as I know both of my sites need them. Awesome post!

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