Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9: Will be Loved by Tech Savvy


Tech savvy are always looking at the top of technology and Samsung is a brand, which keeps on bringing the latest powered smartphone to the market. One such device is the Samsung Galaxy S8, which is interestingly popular in the market, but looks like Samsung Galaxy S8 will be soon taken over by the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9.

S8 suffers with shortfalls like no dual-camera at the rear and the second point is integration with Bixby, Samsung’s virtual assistant. We’re practically getting it in our noses by placing a dedicated hardware button to invoke it. Not only does it consume valuable system resources, but also most likely you will not even use it. Bixby is not yet fully functional; it is not yet available in Spanish, and why have another assistant? If Google Now does a very good job, fortunately, there are apps like exactions and Bixby Button Remapped that allows you to use the dedicated Bixby button. But we think the dedicated button for Bixby should be cut in the Samsung Galaxy S9.

The third point is lack of innovation. The Infinity Display is great; there’s no doubt about it. But we cannot say that they were the first teams to offer such a feature. The Xiaomi Mi Mix already had a screen that occupied 94% of the front with an impressive 6.4″ in size. It is as if Samsung had considered that the improvement in the screen and design would be enough to surprise everyone. Leaving aside the features many users were asking for greater battery capacity with dual camera, stereo speakers and Quick Charge 3.0. There people with normal hand size who is asking Samsung should launch the Samsung Galaxy S9 in the 4.7 inches display, but it doesn’t look like, every brand wants to make your smart devices more reliable and fast.

It is certain that all these roughness are filed and corrected in the next version Galaxy S9. As with the evolution of the Galaxy S6 Edge to the Galaxy S7 Edge, Negative aspects such as lack of memory expansion slot, lack of protection against dust and water or battery with average performance, were solved in the next version. The result was one of Samsung’s best and most successful Android smartphones.

If the disadvantages I mention are not important to you, then this Samsung Galaxy S8 will love you for all the positive aspects that I mentioned earlier. But remember that within a few months it is very likely that these uncomfortable details will be solved, and you are tempted to renew your equipment. Another alternative, if you do not want to wait, would be to buy the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Now that it has dropped considerably, it is worth bearing in mind. It is still one of the best Android smartphones. But you want to wait, and then Samsung Galaxy S9 can be the best choice in 2018.



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