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5 Tips to Finding a Reputable Massage Therapy Class


Your choice of a massage therapist, as well as the massage therapy class you attend determines how good or bad your massage experience will be. It doesn’t matter if you want to work on your skills as a professional or if you want a massage only for fun, but you need to find the right massage therapist.

If you find a reputable therapist who is an expert at what he or she does, then there are high chances that you will enjoy the whole experience as well as be able to meet your goals. You will also ensure that the massage is done properly to make you more relaxed. This is why you need to know how to find a reputable massage therapy class and below are tips on how.

Find Out What You Want to Achieve

Determine why you want the massage in the first place. Are you looking for a solution to a medical related problem such as pain relief, invasive therapy for an acute back or neck problem, chronic spinal condition, performance enhancement (mostly for athletes or exercise purposes) or just to relax and feel good?

Check the Methods Offered

Massage therapy has different methods that come into play depending on what you want to achieve. There are different modalities and a wide range of techniques that a massage therapist can use. If it’s for a specific condition such as for injury treatment, the techniques used by the therapist might differ from a massage done only for relaxation purposes since you will have to find a massage therapy that specializes in physical rehabilitation. A general massage therapist is ideal for relaxation purposes.

Ask for Recommendations

When looking for reputable massage therapy classes consider asking the people around you. Your friends, family and colleagues might know of a massage therapist or massage therapy class that might be beneficial to you. Their recommendations might direct you to the ideal class fit for your goals. Alternatively, you can look online to see what reviews say so as to find credible massage therapy agencies. Most entry-level massage programs might not be ideal for handling complex conditions so if it’s for a medical condition, it’s best that you find someone with more practice experience.

Attend a Pre-Massage Consultation

Schedule a pre-massage consultation to find out more about the level of expertise of the therapist. This way you will be in a position to tell if they are the best fit as well as allow the therapists to gain a proper analysis of your issue. During the pre-massage session, check the pressure being applied to see if it’s too light or too heavy since every therapist has a different touch.

Consider the Location

Check the location of your session and ensure that it’s a comfortable setting. While some people might love a massage therapy class to be conducted in their own homes, others wouldn’t mind having it at the therapist’s office or inside a spa. Choose a setting that boosts the mood which mostly involves dimmed lights, aromatherapy candles, and sometimes music.

Explain your goals and  ask questions before your first appointment to ensure that you will get the best massage experience. Apart from getting a reliable therapist, remember to take care of yourself too. Look for the best massage therapy courses that ensure that you are taken care of from massage prep up to post-massage.


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