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Relationship Tips: Do Online Relationships Survive?


In the age of the Internet, distance is no longer a barrier when it comes to love, or is it? More and more people are opening up to the idea of online relationships like never before. There are so many success stories of couples, who met online and found the love of their lives online. However, you need to understand that you need to be a little careful when you date someone online because it’s not quite the same as when you go out with a person. This post includes 5  helpful relationship tips on online dating, the do’s and don’ts, that will help your relationship work.

relationship tips
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1. Balance Your Communication: One of the Essential Relationship Tips

There are people, who want to spend a lot of time with their partners when they’re dating online. This is because, they want to compensate for the loss of face time they share. This isn’t very healthy, when it comes to online relationships as your partner might perceive you as clingy. As a result, they might push you away or ask you for “space”, which suggests that the relationship is heading towards trouble in paradise. So, it is essential to find a balance in communication and understand that you are not obligated to stay in touch with your beau all the time.

2. Learn How to Spend Time Apart

One of the golden online relationship advice is that you need to learn how to spend time apart. For instance, when your partner is at work she might not be able to respond to your texts or emails immediately. It’s all the more reason that you need to keep yourself busy. This way you won’t keep obsessing over your partner. Otherwise, it could spiral into resentment, which isn’t a healthy sign for any relationship. So, make plans with your friends and family or even find a new hobby that will keep you busy. This is an essential pointer that you need to follow if you want your online relationship to survive.

3. Honesty is the Key

Relationships are becoming more complex by the day. And one of the most important relationship tips is honesty. If suspicion and distrust creep into the relationship it will take a toll on the relationship. For this reason, it’s important to keep the channel of communication open with your partner. This will keep your partner away from stalking you unnecessarily. It will keep the jealousy at bay.

4. Spend Quality Time with Each Other

Another key to successful online relationships is to spend quality time with each other. Ensure that you show your partner that you are interested in the relationship by setting aside some time for them each week. Plan to meet your partner once every few months as it will help you rekindle the relationship. Remember that technology is a tool that will help you stay connected at the same time it’s not the same as spending time with your partner.

5. Control Your Anger

Another online dating tip that you need to stick to is controlling your anger. Words can be hurtful and they cannot be taken back. In a fit of rage if you just send out a nasty email it can be the end of the relationship. If you’re angry, think about it or talk to a friend. Give it some time and then ask broach the subject with your partner. This is one of the relationship tips that will help make your relationship last. So, hold your horses till you cool down before you hit the send button.

These are the few online relationship tips that will help you help your online relationship thrive. I do believe that online relationships can survive if people use these golden rules as these will bring them a lot of love and happiness. Do you think that online relationships survive?


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