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The Top 3 Reasons to Use Tegaderm Dressing


Do you have a wound? Tegaderm is all you need. Tegaderm is a medical dressing that is normally transparent. It is used to cover and protect wounds. It is also highly used in the hospitals to cover catheter sites. Before giving you the top reasons to use Tegaderm, I will highlight first on the precautions and warnings. The very first thing before applying the dressing is to stop any bleeding at the affected part. Once you have stopped the bleeding, clean the skin area. Make sure it is free of soap and lotion remnants. Give it time to dry thoroughly before applying the dressing. This prevents skin irritation. When applying the dressing, do not stretch it since it may cause skin trauma. The dressing is to be used on the infected area only. Now that you are braced with the precautions, here are the top three reasons to use this type of dressing:

1. Covers and Protects Wounds

Whether it is a cut, a blister, a burn or abrasions you have, the last thing you want is dirt and water to get into your wound. Tegaderm dressing covers your wound and prevents any water, dirt, and germs finding their way into your wound. The dressing is waterproof providing a barrier to the water, bacteria, and viruses. This prevents any infections that would be caused when such things get into your cut. The dressing is excellent and very easy to use. Another added advantage is that it speeds up the healing process of the wound. It is made up of a thin film that imitates the body. It stretches with your skin perfectly and allows comfort on the affected area. For a safer and faster way of healing your wounds, consider having the dressing.

2. Unique Features Perfect For Your Cuts         

The best thing about this dressing is that it comes with unique features that are specifically designed perfectly for any wound. One of the key features of the film is that it is breathable. This allows the exchange of oxygen and moisture in the sealed area providing a good environment that triggers wound healing. The other feature is that it comes with a unique sacral shape. This is perfect for areas that may be difficult and challenging to dress on. The dressing is also made with a smooth material that makes it very gentle on your skin.

3. Versatility

This dressing film can be used in many clinical situations. Apart from enhancing wound healing, it is used surgical incisions, IV sites and preventing skin breakdown. The dressing comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are also different application styles to suit a variety of needs. It has a unique frame delivery system that makes it very easy to apply. This will save you time and costs of other dressing wastes.

The benefits of using this type of dressing cannot be overlooked. With accidents and cuts happening every day in our lives, it is good to be safe by having the dressing.


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