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5 Things You Should Know about Purchasing Medical Equipment


Medical equipment plays an integral role in delivering quality healthcare. Similarly, purchasing medical equipment is an important process that must be taken seriously. Even so, the buying process can be stressful, hence the need for proper preparation before embarking on the journey.

Whether you’re launching a healthcare line or a hospital, or simply want to upgrade your existing medical equipment, it’s important to go for the best. Due to the kind of money that goes into such fixed assets, it’s important to make the right purchases. Make equipment comparisons and assess their long-term value.

Planning to purchase medical equipment? Here are 5 things you should know before you sign any contract or make an actual payment:

Top 5 Factors to Consider When Buying Medical Equipment

1. Create a List of Medical Equipment

Do you know the medical equipment you need to purchase? Create a list of all the equipment you need to buy. List all the equipment you need in your facility then break it down into two lists. Prioritize your list with the equipment your business can’t operate without appearing at the top of the list. Revise and update your list as your facility grows.

2. Medical Equipment Financing Options

Buying medical equipment is a costly affair. Paying for the equipment with your capital can leave you with nothing to cater for your other operational expenses. Therefore, it’s important to consider equipment financing if you don’t have enough cash. There are several medical equipment loans you can consider for your planned purchase.

However, note that loans come with interest, meaning you’ll end up paying for more to get the equipment you need to run your facility.

3. Prepare Space for the Equipment

Do you have space in your facility to accommodate the new medical equipment once they’re delivered? Is there need for renovation to create space? Is there need for additional plumbing and/or wiring? Make sure everything is ready in your facility to receive the equipment once they’re delivered.

4. Equipment Warranty

The need for equipment warranty goes without saying. They safeguard you from manufacturing faults in your equipment. Request for the contract warranty to study and ensure the equipment you want to buy is covered for maintenance. Most healthcare equipment suppliers and vendors offer warranty contracts and maintenance services for the medical equipment they sell.

Find a warranty integrated into your equipment buying price to ensure you don’t have to pay anything extra in case your machine breaks down. Ask your supplier or vendor the warranty options you have with the equipment you intend to purchase.

5. Equipment Inspection & Testing

Medical equipment, just like any other, is prone to malfunction. Make sure they’re inspected and tested to ascertain they’re in top notch condition and are functioning.

Is there equipment you can rent instead of buying? Choose between OEM-service contracts and in-sourced serviced equipment models? Ascertain that your supplier or vendor is genuine and licensed to ensure you’re only buying quality equipment for your medical facility.

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