Proofreading Tools Online to Ensure Error-Free Content Writing


If you have your personal blog, that already means the importance of branding, visibility, and providing quality content to your audience. But it’s equally important that your content be error-free. The biggest way to alienate your audience is to make them believe you didn’t take the time to review your work before you gave it to them. Here are 6 proofreading tools online to guarantee error-free writing every time.

1. After the Deadline


After the Deadline is free, as long as you are only using it for personal use. The website lets you copy and paste your content into an online editor. You won’t have a live person to review the content, but you will get contextual spellchecking, advanced style checking, a grammar check, and a proofread.


proofreadingWordy offers real time copy-editing and proofreading by live people. The service can edit everything from fortune 500 company reports to marketing collateral, blog copy, and website pages. You’ll be matched with an editor within five minutes, and you can watch them edit it through Google Docs. If you decide not to watch the editing process, you’ll still be able to see all the changes since they are tracked.

3. Grammarly

proofreadingGrammarly is a free and easy-to-use tool. It is one of the most accurate platforms, it checks spelling and grammatical mistakes. Also there are other useful functions, like plagiarism checker, browser extension and mobile app.

4. Ninja Essays


Ninja Essays is a content writing and editing service that is done entirely online. You can hire the writers to produce your content, edit your writing, or simply do a basic proofread or formatting check. Everyone who works at Ninja Essays has an advanced degree, so you will be matched with a writer who has experience in your field.

5. Fiverr

proofreadingIn case you haven’t heard of Fiverr yet, it’s a website that brings freelancers and clients together. The freelancers charge $5 for their services. You can find an editor or a proofreader and pay $5/250, 500 words, or 1,000 words. The amount of editing you’ll get for your $5 depends heavily on the skill level and experience of the freelancer.

It’s so important that you always check your writing for errors before you send it to clients or post it online. But it’s so difficult to check your own work! You will miss things that other people would notice, especially if you’ve looked at the writing for a long time. These tools will help you produce error-free content every time.

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