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Premature Aging: 5 Major Reasons

Aging naturally is graceful. It’s true that we can’t stay young forever. But, a few unhealthy habits tagged along with stressful lifestyle accelerate this biological process and make the skin age faster than it should. As a result, some people seem to age by a decade and look older. Want to know what these habits are? The more you know about these, the more you can prevent, if not reverse, premature aging. Cut these anti-aging factors out before you wrinkle!

1. Stress: A Reason Behind Premature Aging

premature aging
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Stress is the main culprit behind the premature aging. People, who are highly stressed have elevated levels of adrenaline and cortisol, which cause depletion of vital nutrients in the body. It not only fastens the aging process, but takes a toll on your overall health as well. Fine lines, dark circles, hair loss are only some of the signs of stressed skin. The best you can do is to ignore such situations before those “worry lines” begin to appear on your forehead!

2. A Poor Diet is Yet Another Reason

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This one isn’t exactly a shocker! An unbalanced diet is an open invitation for premature aging. Unhealthy eating habits are becoming more and more common in the recent years. It’s known that if you don’t drink enough water, it shows up on your skin. High levels of cholesterol, processed sugars and fats, all these contribute equally to make you look older than you should. Have a healthy diet that is rich in fruits and veggies to keep your skin in glowing condition.

3. Sleep Deprivation, the Cause of Early Aging

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Having a proper sleep each night is necessary for the skin cells to renew themselves. When your body doesn’t get the amount of rest it needs, it doesn’t allow the cells to regenerate properly making your skin look tired. Prolonged lack of sleep causes the skin dull and loose leading to rapid aging process. If your body isn’t resting enough, it appears on your face in the form of those dark circles around the eyes.

4. Environmental Factors Lead to Aging Early

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Exposure to harsh hot or cold conditions and even sunlight breaks down skin’s resistant tissues leaving your skin feeling dry and dehydrated. Pollution can also rob your skin of the even tone and moisture, thereby, causing premature aging. The harmful UV- rays from the sun make the skin thin and damage it permanently from inside. Brown sun spots and freckles are common symptoms of such sun-burnt skin. If care is not taken at the right time, this damage is irreversible.

5. Smoking, Last But not the Least

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Studies have proved that smoking not only causes, but accelerates the premature aging of the skin. It causes fine lines to appear on facial areas, where the skin is thin resulting in wrinkles and a flushed appearance. Further, it lowers the levels of Vitamin C in blood by approximately 60% as compared to those of the non-smokers. Lack of Vitamin C is the primary reason for causing dryness and permanent discoloration of the skin. Like smoking, drinking too much alcohol can also cause skin damage, the ill-effects of which can be visibly seen.

In the case of premature aging, protection at the right time is the key. Take proper care of your skin always to flaunt a healthy and radiant skin and look young while you can!

58 thoughts on “Premature Aging: 5 Major Reasons”

  1. I wish they would invent a magic pill. I don’t mind getting old – with age comes wisdom, patients and, my favorite, I no longer fell the need to give a damn about… , but why must I look older. I think 40-45 would be the perfect cut off.

  2. Aarrr I never smoked and I thank God for that. Getting enough sleep…am definitely working on that 🙂 Premature ageing can be genetic… a rare condition but its there.

    Ageing gracefully…I love that!

  3. I’m so guilty of this since I was a kid but I’m still mistaken as a 19 year old even though I’m turning 34 in a couple of months. Oh well, it’s good I guess.

  4. Stress is terrible, it causes you to sleep less and eat less! That’s really the most contributing factor to early aging and it’s something that we can’t quickly avoid.

  5. Welp, I’m guilty of 3 out of those 5. Stress is all too real working full time, running a blog, and being in school. I’m really looking forward to taking a break from school and in the mean time I’ll be working on improving my diet!

  6. No wonder I’m so stressed my entire life. I have all this unhealthy lifestyle. Glad to know that I don’t drink alcohol and smoke, but still my life is stressful. 🙁

  7. Sleep, stress, eating habits, and bad habits all contribute towards premature aging. I hadn’t thought of environmental factors. All these should be considered when evaluating our lifestyles. Another great post!

  8. My biggest 2 are the stress and not enough sleep. Can’t do much about the sleep right now with toddlers, and work but I know I can work at de-stressifying.

  9. I hope my bro in law will stop smoking 🙁 He’s having a hard time stopping this vice and we all hate it! It’s really bad for the health. Got good points here. Thanks for sharing!

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