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Useful Tips to Cope the Pregnancy Insomnia


If you’re pregnant, you may get more sleep or less sleep. Both sleeping disorders may continue in pregnant women till the whole pregnancy but especially occur during the first and third trimester of the pregnancy.

Experiencing less sleep or more sleep during pregnancy turns out that you are feeling uncomfortable and sick all the time because of uncertain changes in your body. This might cause insomnia.

What is Insomnia?

Insomnia is not a disease that occurs during pregnancy. It is a common uncomfortable situation that affects approximately 80% of the pregnant women.

Pregnancy Insomnia is the symptoms of difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or both. Insomnia occurs due to uncontrollable hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy, but it is more effective at midnight.

Why Insomnia is More Effective in the First and Third Trimester of the Pregnancy?

Insomnia is more effective in the first and third trimester of pregnancy in most of the pregnant women and causes less sleep or more sleep because,

  • In the third trimester of pregnancy, as much as the baby grows inside the belly, belly enlarges accordingly and a pregnant woman feels uncomfortable to sleep well.
  • Same as, in the first trimester of pregnancy, belly doesn’t enlarge, but the uncertain changes in the body make you uncomfortable and prevent you from getting good sleep at night.

Reasons Of Insomnia During Pregnancy

There are many reasons for insomnia. Due to insomnia, you might spend more time out of your bed at midnight and you might feel sick/weak because of your present situation or future tension.

 Those reasons for insomnia are the following:

  • Experiencing congestion, nausea, omitting tendency, breast tenderness, heartburn, abdominal anxiety, leg pain, or frequent urination.
  • Being stressed or tensed while thinking about labour pain, delivery, balancing work after delivery, or other issues.

Whether you’re stressed or sick, in both situations, you won’t get proper relaxation.

No matter, why you are going through insomnia or how you are affected by this during pregnancy. Here are some expert tips that might help a pregnant woman to get rest she needs.

How to Reduce the Effect of Insomnia During Pregnancy?

Maintain a Good Sleep Habit:

To cope with insomnia during pregnancy, this is the best thing you can do.

Every night, go to your bed at the same time and do something that can feel you fresh and relaxed, like taking shower before lying on the bed with warm water, receiving a nice massage, reading book/novel while lying down on bed, remembering some good memories, thinking about baby which is inside your belly, playing some relaxing music, etc.

Avoid watching TV, especially the horror or fighting pieces of stuff on TV that might provide a bad impact on baby health and cause bad dreams. Also, avoid being on phone for a longer period of time and avoid being in a room which is hot.

It is not good for you to stay at a hot temperature room.

Balanced Diet:

Balanced diet during pregnancy may help in getting a healthy sleep.

Generally, pregnant women complain about constipation and chest burn issue, drink plenty of water as much as you can, but minimize drinking water after evening to avoid frequent urination at night. Avoid drinking hot coffee and tea more if you have a constipation issue, as well as avoid alcoholic drink that is harmful to the baby health.

Eat healthy and light dinner. Take your time and chew your meal slowly. The fast eating habit may cause heartburn and increase your excess fat. Try to have dinner before an hour of going to the bed, but remember that you should not be hungry when you are on the bed and planning to sleep at night. Eat light snacks or anything healthy protein content food that can ride your hunger and keep your blood sugar levels steady before sleep. You can also drink warm milk to avoid your hunger at night.

Practice Meditation and Get Connected with Online Paediatricians and Doctors:

To stay active and fresh during pregnancy, practice a few meditations, relaxation techniques, or exercises that the doctor recommends you.

To acknowledge your-self about the pregnant women health condition, baby growth, healthy activities during pregnancy and other related stuff, get connected with the certified online Paediatricians and gynaecologist specialists who provide 24/7 service to answer your questions.

Take Care of your Comfort:

Make sure that you are comfortable with the place, bed and your surrounding things (such as pillow, bed sheet, curtain, etc) where you are planning to sleep at night. Also, make sure that the room is neat and clean to feel fresh.

To make yourself comfortable during the night, wear a soft dress and suitable bra, take a body pillow for pregnancy and tuck it between your knees, keep another soft pillow under your belly, as well as keep your room cool and dark to make it comfortable for sleeping.

Distract your Mind:

If you are unable to sleep till late night, distract your mind and do things that make you relaxed until the time you feel tired enough to fall asleep. Doing this is better than simply lying on the bad and thinking about bad memories that can make you tensed and angry.

Avoid Unwanted Pills to Reduce the Effect of Excess Sleeping Disorder:

In the first trimester of pregnancy, most of the women feel sleepy all the time. Don’t stretch your-self in this situation, don’t take any kind of pills or herbs to get rid of excess sleeping disorder until you consult your doctor.

If you are a working lady and while being at the office feel to sleep for some time in the day time, take at least 20 minutes of rest in between every 2 hours. Try to sit on a relaxing chair that can make you comfortable throughout a day at the office.

Sleep well if your body requires that much sleep, but not throughout the day and night. Sleeping all the time might make you lazy.

Consult Doctor:

If insomnia is impacting more and you are feeling week and sick, consult your gynaecologist and tell the situation from which you are going through. Your doctor will suggest you the best.

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