5 Popular Blog Niches to Gain More Web Traffic

Blogging is a great way to express your thoughts to the world. With digital media providing an easy support system, setting up a blog just takes a few minutes. But here comes the difficult part – what do you want to write about – consistently, eloquently, frequently that can keep your readers coming back for more. Discovering your niche among various blog niches may be a matter of choice or chance. Here are a few popular ones to help you get started and how you can profit from each of them :

1. Tips and Tricks Blog Niches

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All of us want those little hacks that can make our lives better, simpler and easier. Tips and tricks blogs generally start as a way to share personal hacks and then move to try things that can make your readers go “Ah! I wish I knew that before”. If done right, this can also prove to be very profitable among blog niches. Use aggregation techniques to amass content and connect with bloggers. Monetize with viral traffic, affiliate marketing, advertising and sponsored posts.

2. Review Blog Niche

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Be it gadgets or movies, candid and unbiased reviews in today’s age can make or break a sale. People often Google for reviews before they buy and if your word as an expert counts, you can wield a huge influence over your target audience. Though it is the client who is paying you, be diplomatic but unbiased in your reviews to stay true to your readers. Eventually, if your readers realize that your views are close to reality, they will transition to trust you and seek you out for advice.

3. Fashion Blog Genre

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Is beige the color for the party animal? Can the Prada belt be teamed with a Jimmy Choo to make a show stopping statement? If you walk into a party and can separate the real fashionistas from the wanna-bies, then fashion blogging may be the niche for you. Though popular, this is among the difficult blog niches to take up. Once you find your voice, you can make a great do by reviewing fashion products and even the odd sponsored post.

4. Travel Blog Niche

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Among the easiest of the blog niches, travel can be a great way to get you to new places. Others, those who dream or plan to travel will do so via your blog! Professional travel bloggers often carve a niche with their own following or by writing for popular travel magazines. They tie up with local tour operators, who can offer a FAM tour with perks like free meals/ local transport/stay and sometimes even get paid for their published work.

5. Food Blog Genres

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We either eat to live or live to eat. If you are in the latter category, starting a food blog may just be your thing. Food blogging, especially regional food blogging is among the popular blog niches of today. From traditional infused with a fusion of modern, food blogging lets your readers taste with their eyes and feel with their senses. Pop up restaurants, weekly tiffin services, a la carte ordering and writing food reviews for restaurants are some of the ways you can make money with your food blog.

No matter which niche you choose, stay original and consistent. Do know that there are very few bloggers that can boast a six figure income so continue to keep up the good work and you may just join their ranks!


22 thoughts on “5 Popular Blog Niches to Gain More Web Traffic”

  1. I’ve just started blogging seriously lately and have yet to find my “niche”. I’m hoping as a few months go by I’ll have it and hope people will be able to relate. Great post! 😀

  2. Ah! Still trying to find mine. My blog’s all over the place and I can’t decide on just one or else I’d easily go board. I love writing reviews though, so that might be something to look into. Thanks for this! So timely and fitting for my status right now. 🙂

  3. Thank you for this wonderful tips. However, I find my blog a little bit erratic in terms of content thus it is more of a personal blog. I think I need to rev up my niche even more to have a more focused content. 🙂

  4. Before I started blogging, Im actually a Tips and Tricks reader. I think it’s the most engaging especially if it comes with a DIY. Also yes, with fashion as we are sometimes inspired by celebrities. Mine is about a personal style. I do blog about beauties too.

  5. Mine is more of a personal blog as it works for me like a diary. Amongst the ones you listed here, I write travel and food and others. Such a good post! How did you gauge it and come up with the list? I am surprised Lifestyle blog’s not here. Hehehe.

  6. I’m still not sure what niche my blog will fall onto.. I think it can fall on religious, travel and personal haha
    I love travel blogs the most.. when I visited an interesting travel page, I used to spend a lot of time navigating the site and see some of his/her journeys…

  7. I’m honestly having a trouble knowing what niche my blog is in as I really talk about anything under the sun. That’s why I decided to consider it as a lifestyle blog. But it would be great to just focus on one topic or category. No wonder there are bloggers who has more than one blog; a blog posting about specific topics like food, fashion, travel or even books.

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