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4 Tips to Picking out A Versatile Shower Head


Are you tired of taking boring showers with weak sprinkles rather than a rejuvenating stream? The solution is to change your showerhead and install a more versatile one that will deliver a reliable, steady flow with a stable temperature. Some of these models even have adjustable functions where you can select a wide range of spray patterns that range from a mild mist to a powerful water stream. Besides working efficiently, shower heads also contributes to the general style of your bathroom, thus offering an improved showering experience. Easy and quick to replace, changing your shower head yields clear benefits, both visually and physically. Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect shower head.

1. A Handheld Shower Head is Versatile

If versatility is a major concern for you, then the best option is to get a handheld unit as it offers more flexibility as compared to fixed models. These handheld showerheads work like their fixed counterparts when placed in the wall bracket, but they provide the added benefit of the ability to take it away from the stand and focusing the spray on specific body parts. Most users say that they find these handheld units with long hoses more convenient when bathing in your own hands or for washing pets inside the tub.

2. Choose Your Spray Patterns

Some people prefer a firm and steady spray of water, while others like the gentle rain shower trickle. Some prefer the traditional broad spray that offers lots of coverage in the shower, while others love the pulsing jet of water. Regardless of which spray style you prefer, try to find the showerhead model that has that particular setting. If you are the only person who is going to use the shower, it is likely that you will not have to get a unit with multiple settings. Nevertheless, those who use shared bathrooms may want to go for shower heads that feature several spray parameters that can be easily adjusted by everyone who uses the facility.

3. Height Considerations

Certain shower heads may pose issues for people who are very short or very tall. For example, a huge unit could hang down a bit too far, thus preventing tall users from standing under it. Likewise, other models are installed too high up for short users, thus preventing them from reaching them to modify the settings. Therefore, if you are unusually short or tall, measure your bathroom and the shower enclosure area before you purchase any model and determine what the angle and height will be after it is installed.

4. Do You Want An Additional Extension Arm?

In some cases, you can find the perfect shower head, but it appears as though it is too far away out of reach to be useful once it is installed, especially for people with high ceilings. In such a scenario, you can get an additional pipe extension. It will likely add a bit of money to the total cost, and it is also an extra step in the installation process. Most manufacturers have recommended pipe extensions for specific showerheads, and they can be bought simultaneously to make sure they are a perfect fit.


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