Online Design Module of Custom Stitchers Working


Most of us have been conventional shoppers all our lives. Shopping had to be planned. It was rarely spontaneous. It involved making a plan at home with wife and kids, getting them in the car without some name calling or fighting among the kids, getting into the mall, roaming around the mall while doing window shopping for most of the time and then came the time when you could actually start looking around for what you need. Countless times you would find yourself trying a number of shirts that don’t match your taste at all. In the end, you would pick out a shirt that doesn’t say “You”, just because its new and you are tired of trying this and that. At, a user friendly ordering process with online design module has been designed to help you find your perfect match according to your style. You can shop for your custom fit shirts by choosing from an array of fabric options to the design patterns.

Online DesignStep 1 – Make an Account

The very first step for online design here is to log on to Custom Stitchers. Make an account, which will carry your name, address and a record of orders with respective dates and quantities.

Step 2 – Selection of Fabric in Online Design:

The next step of online design includes the selection of fabric and the number of material needed. For example, you can choose between Italian Cotton and Egyptian Cotton.

Step 3 – Design Shirt:

After selecting the fabric, you head towards selecting the design features of your shirt, which are as below:

a) Fitting : First of all you have to choose between slim, regular and loose fit.

b) Collar Style: You can choose from a variety of eleven collar designs. But, in case the styles mentioned don’t match what you have in mind, then you can mention the style of your choice in the comments section. You can also fill out some optional adjustments like collar slays, collar band height and etc.

c) Cuffs/Sleeve: You can choose from an array of design options and check out the optional adjustments.

d) Pocket Style: Custom Stitchers offer a wide range of pocket style to give you the perfect business and casual look. In our shirts’ measurement page we added different options to pick any of the pocket styles that match best with the shirt styling needs. We allow users to add V-Shaped Pocket, Rounded Chest Pocket, Angled Chest pocket, Double Flap Pockets etc. while designing dress in our custom designing module.

e) Front Style: In here you can choose from the plain front styles and tuxedo styles with additional charges mentioned.

f) Back style: In here you can choose between plain, side pleats and center pleats.

g) Monogram and Buttons: In this section, information regarding the monogram and buttons are required. In case you want to request any other kind you can drop in your comments in the comments section.

Step 4: Measurements/Size:

In this section, you are required to add in your weight and height in the online design and in the next step you are required to either enter your standard size or your body measurements or enter your shirt measurements.

Step 5 – Hit Checkout:

The last step, here you have to fill all fields of checkout form and then proceed. You will receive the confirmation of our successful order placement via email and your order will be delivered to their Stitching department.


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