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Olympic Facts: Have You Heard Of These?


Are you aware of some of the interesting Olympic facts? It is supposed to be one of the biggest sporting events of the world. It was supposed to be a religious festival, which celebrated Zeus, the Greek God. It was banned in 393 AD. However, in the year 1894, Baron Pierre de Coubertin held a proposal to revive this ancient tradition, which gave birth to modern-day Olympics.

1. The Olympic Anthem

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The Olympic Anthem is officially known as Olympic Hymn. The lyrics was given by Kostis Palamas, the Greek poet and was composed by Spyridon Samaras, the opera composer. This anthem was initially performed in the opening ceremony in Athens, Greece at Summer Olympics, 1896. International Olympic Committee declared this anthem as the official Olympic Anthem in Tokyo, Japan in the year 1958. Since the year 1960, it is being played in each of the Olympics.

2. The Olympic Flag

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One of the interesting Olympic facts comprises that of the Olympic Flag. The flag was flown for the first time in the Olympic Games in the year 1920. It was created in the year 1914 by Pierre de Coubertin. The flag has five interconnected rings. These rings lay on the white background. They symbolize five important continents. The interconnection symbolizes friendship. The colors of the rings were chosen in such a way that at least one of the colors appear on the flags of every nation of the world.

3. The Olympic Flame

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The Olympic flame is supposed to be an important symbol of the Olympics. It is a symbol, which Prometheus stole from Zeus, the Greek God. Previously, the flame was kept burning all throughout the Olympics. Though, it was not a part of Olympic games in the ancient times, it was first introduced in Amsterdam in Summer Olympics in the year 1928. But, in modern day, this tradition is kept alive with that of the Olympics torch relay.

4. Olympic Facts on the Ancient Olympics

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There was only one event in the ancient Olympics. It was known as the “Stade”. Nude men used to run the race. And, the winner was presented with a circlet of the olive branches. This is also known as Kotinos. Women were not allowed to participate in it. In Paris Olympics, in the year 1900, women were allowed for the first time to participate in this game. The first female participant to win an event was Charlotte Cooper, a tennis player from London.

5. Olympic Facts on the Closing Ceremony

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Olympics closing is done in the closing ceremony with the raising of the three flags. These three flags comprise the Greek flag to commemorate the birthplace of Olympics, the flag of the current host nation and the flag of the nation hosting the next Olympics.

With the Rio Olympics fever on, let’s make ourselves aware of these interesting Olympic facts. If you have knowledge on some more facts on Olympics, feel free to share here.



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