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What Are 4 Common Objections to Wearing a Hearing Aid and How to Overcome Them?


Many people who need hearing aids don’t wear them. Despite straining to hear voices in noisy environments or simply not hearing people speaking to them, they are reluctant to see a hearing specialist. Or sometimes, they have the hearing aids sitting at home in a drawer because they find them problematic in one way or another. In reality, given advances in technology and the wide range of options on the market, there are solutions to many common problems.

Feeling Unattractiveness

Many people are embarrassed to be seen wearing hearing aids since they believe they make them seem old and unattractive. It is true that hearing aids were once clunky and covered the entire ear canal. Those types are unlikely to be prescribed nowadays since modern hearing aids are much smaller and some are virtually undetectable. Those which fit in the air can’t be seen while those that go behind the ear are quite hidden. Twenty-first-century hearing aids are also quite techie. Some can pair with apps to stream music and phone calls.

Feeling Discomfort in the Ears

Some people try hearing aids a couple times, find them uncomfortable and opt not to use them. The truth is they will take some getting used to in the same way people have to get used to glasses or braces. Making sure the hearing aid is well inserted and giving yourself time to adjust can go a long way. You can use a drop or two or coconut or olive oil to lubricate your ear canal before your insert the hearing aid. This can make it more comfortable.

Fearing an Inability to Remain Active

Since hearing aids can feel strange a first, some potential wearers feel they won’t be able to go to the gym, swim or wear a helmet when they bike. It’s worth reiterating here that many modern hearing aids are quite tiny and even though they may feel bulky, they won’t stop you from living your life as usual. There are a wide variety of hearing aid styles and solutions and the ones which fit inside the ear are perfect for those who are always on the go.

 Experiencing Headaches or Stuffy Head Syndrome

Mild headaches or a feeling like your ears are plugged are common when you’re now adjusting to a new set of hearing aids. This should pass as your body gets used to the new product. If the headaches continue, it may be because the hearing aids aren’t properly fitted or they haven’t been set up right. Return to the hearing progression to see if the power needs to be adjusted until you get used to hearing more sounds.

There is really no need to fear modern hearing aids. While older models were cumbersome and unattractive, that isn’t the case anymore. Many options are invisible or nearly undetectable and any problems with fit and comfort can be addressed by returning to your hearing care professional.  If you know you have challenges hearing, seek out the right option for you instead of suffering. Your quality of life will improve.


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