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Planning to go Vegan? Here’s a List of Delicious Replacements For Your Non-Vegan Diet


The future is Vegan“- Peta (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals), and the ever increasing curve of Vegans all over the globe strongly hint towards it. People are becoming more compassionate, understanding towards animals thus leaving them off their plates. And yes, Vegan is healthy! So, it’s a definite choice for the fitness freaks. So, if you’re planning to join this amazing gang of Vegan’s, here’s a list of easy replacements to your previous diet.

1. Replacement to the Complete NON-VEG

SEITAN, non vegan diet replacements
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Love fish, chicken, bacon and turkey? It’s hard to give up on things you relish, but HEY! We got a way! On this new adventure try out SEITAN. It’s a wheat based protein food, whose texture is almost exactly similar to meat. Add it as one of the components to your favorite gravy and relish the Vegan meat.

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2. Replacement to the VEGETARIAN Food

TEMPEH, non vegan diet replacements
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Sorry people, Vegans are a class above vegetarians. So, just leaving meat off the plate won’t help. To the people, who love Paneer (A milk based product), try out TOFU. Tofu is a good food made of soybeans and is a great replacement to the former. Another great thing you can try is TEMPEH. It’s a soy based product with a great taste!

3. Replacement to EGG

flaxmeal, non vegan diet replacements
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Well, sorry to break your heart, but egg doesn’t have a perfect substitute. But, if your want to veganize some recipes, which require egg for coating, there are amazing options. ARROWROOT powder can give a perfect coating . Alongside, you can try FLEGG (made of flax meal and water). Also, mixing vinegar and baking soda can also give a good paste you can use for coating.

4. Replacement to MILK

soy milk, non vegan diet replacements
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To the people, who love the drink, go try out the extensive range of vegan milk available. Oat milk, soy milk, cashew milk, coconut milk, almond milk are some of the best ones.

5. Replacement to DESSERTS

lemon soda, non vegan diet replacements
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ATTENTION Ice Cream lovers! Milk can’t be Vegan, but Ice Creams can certainly be! Try out vegan ice creams, which use coconut milk as a fabulous substitute to the dairy based milk. Some brands you can try out for vegan ice creams are Luna & Larry’s, Steve’s, Ben & Jerry’s. For milkshakes, there are lots of easy replacements, which include the all time favorite Lemon Soda. Coke can be an alternative, but we suggest going Healthy!

To top it all off, stay away from wallets, shoes, bags that use animal skin. Veganism is a stand against animal cruelty. And, use of animals as props of materials are definitely not excluded. Go rock your Vegan life and don’t forget to share your experience in the comments section below.

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