management of health administration, MHA

Why You Need a Master of Health Administration?


Whether you are just entering the job market or have decided to change career paths, the lucrative health care field is worth a look. If you are interested in helping others and making a difference in people’s lives, the health care industry may be just right for you. There are so many health degrees offered that deciding may seem impossible. However, one degree will open the doors to many different types of health care management jobs. To give yourself an advantage in today’s competitive health care job market, consider earning a Master of Health Administration.

master of health administration, MHA
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1. What Makes this Degree Special?

The modern health care sector needs educated and caring administrative professionals. A Master of Health Administration, or MHA, focuses on business and financial aspects of the medical field as well as all the details involved in managing a health care system. If you are fascinated by the health care industry and want to focus on it alone, then pursuing a MHA is your best option for a career in medical management.

A Master of Business Administration, or MBA, teaches you general aspects of managing and financing business in any industry. But, it does not focus on the fine points unique to today’s medical companies and operations.

The Master of Public Health, or MPH, is designed to prepare students for a career in public service working for government and nonprofit organizations. This line of study focuses heavily on regulatory care as well as government and grant funding.

2. Benefits of the MHA

Earning as an MHA has specific benefits that include:     

  • High Demand

The need for health care managers and administrative professionals is predicted to remain strong for years to come, especially with the changes in the United States health care system.

  • Prestige

Curricula for Master of Health Administration programs demand that students learn and become adept at a wide variety of disciplines. You must possess management skills, and you have to become proficient in market research and accounting. You also need to have strong leadership qualities. When you are hired, you must then learn the operational details of your organization. The challenge of mastering all of these difficult subjects makes the MHA quite a prestigious degree within the business and health care industries.

  • Flexibility

With a MHA, you can choose the type of medical facility or system in which you want to work. You may want to focus on becoming an administrator for a nursing care facility, or you may choose to manage an entire health network. Since the medical industry changes often, a MHA will give you flexibility to adapt with the variations.

  • Earning the MHA Online

Since there is such a high demand for qualified health care management professionals, programs that are offered entirely online have become quite popular. As a result, you have many different options for distance learning, such as the MHA curriculum at USC. You can go online to learn more about their executive mha program, and you can also search the internet to learn more about health care administration resources.

  • Preparing for the Future

When you decide to make a difference in people’s lives as well as boost your career by earning a MHA, you are stepping up to fill a great need in the evolving health care industry. As a medical administrative professional, you will help shape health care for generations to come. Earning a Master of Health Administration is really an investment in the future—society’s as well as your own.


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