natural remedies for corns

Natural Remedies for Corns


Corns are defined as the thick and hard circles in the skin. They mostly are seen on the feet in various positions like in the toes, soles of the feet and also in some other parts of the body. They are mostly developed due to too much friction or pressure. The major cause of the development of such corns are movement in ill-fitting shoes. Standing for prolonged periods in very tight shoes can also result in the development of the corns. Also, wearing only shoes and not socks puts a lot of pressure on the feet. This is yet another cause of corns. This can be cured if you can remove the friction completely. However, this doesn’t become possible many a tome. For this, we have shared some useful natural remedies for corns.

1. Baking Soda

natural remedies for corns, baking soda
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The exfoliating agent, which helps to eliminate the dead skins over the corns and improving the healing process further is the baking soda. It has anti-microbial properties, which protect the skin from various infections. 2-3 tbsps of baking soda is added to warm water. The feet is soaked in the solution. And, the affected part is rubbed with a  pumice stone to eliminate the dead skin. Carry out the process once on a daily basis till the corn is cured permanently

2. Garlic

natural remedies for corns, garlic
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Garlic is yet one of the natural remedies for corns. It has anti-oxidating, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial characteristics, which prevents infections. The garlic cloves are cut in small pieces. A pinch of salt is added and a paste is prepared. The paste is applied on the corn and secured with adhesive bandage and left for 3 days. Then, the bandage is removed on the 3rd day. The corn comes off usually. If it doesn’t, repeat the process again.

3. White Vinegar

natural remedies for corns, white vinegar
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This natural remedy is yet one of the excellent natural remedies for corns, especially on feet. It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, which prevents infection. The acidic property of the white vinegar softens the hard skin. A part of white vinegar is mixed with three parts of water. The diluted vinegar is then applied on the corn with a cotton ball. The affected area is then covered with adhesive bandage and left overnight. The thickened skin of the corn needs to be exfoliated with pumice stone. Next, apply olive oil and make the part moisturized. Repeat the remedy once on a daily basis till the corn disappears.

4. Lemon

natural remedies for corns, lemon
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Lemon acts as another natural remedy for corns. Lemon possesses citrus acid. This softens the hardened portion of the skin and makes it fall. Fresh lemon juice needs to be applied on the area and let it dry. Repeat the process thrice on a daily basis.

5. Papaya

natural remedies for corns, papaya
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Yet a natural remedy for corns, especially on the feet is papaya. The enzymes present in papaya helps in softening the dead skins and the corns. Also, papaya has the property to ease discomfort and pain. It also helps to dry up the corns and let it fall faster. The papaya juice needs to be extracted and applied on the area with a cotton ball. The area is bandaged with a tape and left overnight. The next day, use the pumice stone to exfoliate the skin and repeat the process daily to get result.

Get rid of corns now with these amazing natural remedies. Get free from the discomfort and the pain.


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