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Do You Prefer Natural Mattress? Read This!


A good night’s sleep is not possible without having a quality mattress to lie on. It is a rewarding investment which we all need to make for our homes. We can buy mattresses in brick and mortar stores. We can also buy them online. Whenever we are shopping for mattresses in physical stores, we have the opportunity to lie on them to test their comfort levels. However, when we shop for them online, it is difficult to ascertain that a mattress is of good quality. Thankfully, there is a website which we can refer to for this information. It is known as Real Natural Mattress Reviews. Here is more about it and its content.

Discover Real Natural Mattress Reviews

This is a website which contains information about mattresses. It contains video reviews, comparisons, coupons and information about complementary bedding too. The website is run by Ron and Kayla. They are veterans in the mattress industry because they have run a mattress store for over 10 years. Through Real Mattress Reviews, the duo brings their knowledge to a global audience.

An outstanding feature of this website is the reviews it contains. They post information about a variety of brands such as Nectar, Saatva, Layla, Voila and avocado mattress reviews. Here is more about the Avocado mattress.

Learn about the Avocado mattress

 This mattress has an innerspring construction. Its materials are natural and the mattress is built to be strong and durable. It has foam, button tufts and a solid coil system inside. The Avocado mattress is available in two variants. They are:

  1. Classic
  2. Eurotop

The Eurotop variant is the softer and thicker one of the two.

Characteristics of this Natural Mattress

The avocado mattress is made up of organic, natural materials. As a result, it is healthy and clean. It also sleeps cool. Seeing that it is made of latex material, this mattress dissipates heat quickly. It is also fully aerated and makes use of a coil system. These features further contribute to its heat dissipation ability.

The Avocado mattress is also petite and does not have much volume. As a result, your body is more exposed to the air as well. This contributes positively to the cooling effect.

Normally, mattresses which are made of natural materials are expensive. However, the Avocado mattress is affordable and therefore provides good value for money.

People sleep in different positions. Some prefer to sleep on their backs, others on their tummies while others prefer their sides. There are mattresses for each sleeping style. The Avocado is versatile. Hence, it is suitable for any sleep position.

This natural mattress is further developed to ensure that heavy sleepers are comfortable. It is thick and built with the body format of a tank. Latex is quite resilient as well. As such, it can last for a long time with little or no sag.


The Avocado mattress is one of the products that is covered in Real Mattress Reviews. It provides a good combination of bounce and body conformance. As such, clients can sleep on it in any position. More about avocado mattress reviews and other brands can be found on the website.

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