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Four Must-Have Home Decor Elements Every Home Should Have


“Our homes should inspire us to go out into the world and to do great things and then welcome us back for refreshment” –Melissa Michaels

Design and decor elements are incredibly personal aspects when it comes to decorating a home. After all, it is what makes a home unique and what gives it personality and character. Moreover, you cannot expect each and every individual to have the same taste and preferences when it comes to design—what one finds beautiful, another might find confusing. However, regardless of what your taste is, whether it may be traditional or contemporary, there are universal elements and design aspects that should be universal in all homes. Indeed, these are the things and items a home needs whether you may be living in a condo unit in avida towers cebu or elsewhere. These are the items that give your home that truly homey feel.

1. A Splurge

If it fits your budget, your home definitely deserves that uplift and not just a simple upgrade either, but one where you would go all out and incorporate only the best items in a room. It can be as simple as an exorbitantly piece of art installation or something as grand as a total living room overhaul. Whatever it is, you can definitely justify that splurge. If you keep on compromising everything in your home, it can leave a rather unsatisfying look. So go ahead, splurge on something and give your homes that touch of elegance it lacks.

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2. Something Modest

Of course, you cannot reasonably expect to ostentatiously decorate every room in your home, especially if you’re operating on a budget. Unless you have the finances to afford ornate decorations, it is best that you should know that there should some be basic aspects in your home. After all, if you are constantly stretching your budget with every piece, you might not have enough for what would be considered a genuine splurge.

3. Something Bold

Go for something unconventional and unexpected—something that might look out of place but would make a significant impact. Sure, a bright orange ceiling might not exactly be the design of choice of many, but because it looks incredibly unorthodox as a home design, it effectively becomes the center of focus in a room. In this regard, you would not need to work in too many design aspects in the very same room. Every home should have at least one bold or beautiful element that cannot be found elsewhere. This would set your home apart from others and would give it a touch of personality as well.

4. An Element of Sparkle

Everyone needs a little sparkle in their lives and your homes would certainly need it as well. It can be your greatest splurge piece in your homes. A little sparkle is all you would need to give your homes that finishing touch that would act as an interesting focal or centerpiece as well. This sparkle can be in the form of a light fixture such as a chandelier with little faux gem droplets that creates the effect of movement as light touches it. Apart from that, it also ensures that your home never looks exactly the same from every angle.


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