Top 5 Modern Fireplaces As Home Centrepiece


Fireplaces are mostly known to provide comfort and warmth especially during the cold season, and most homeowners are even contented to just have this feature. But, if you truly want to expand the potential of this unit, why not make it as your home’s focal point?

Check these 5 modern fireplaces created for your contemporary home.

Best of Both Worlds

By fusing two units in one area, you can achieve a beautiful and relaxing spot while saving so much space. With this design, the seemingly floating fireplace was combined with a bespoke television recess (with heat protection, of course) in order to create a multi-functional area.

Gold and White Details

This sensational piece is integrated with a sleek Carrara marble, along with gold painted steel. All materials and components used for this design can be altered and improved in line with the client’s requests. This particular gas fire design is truly ideal for both traditional and modern homes, as it will blend well into any design theme.

Create a Statement

What is unique about this design is that it is made as an elegant focal feature to this large room while still allowing natural light to run throughout the whole area. This bespoke fireplace is created with an enclosed glass and can be controlled by a remote so you can have the flames higher or lower as you please.

The Suspended Piece

This design is not your conventional fireplace as the piece hangs from the ceiling. You can also have this custom made to any shape and size you want. The durable glass is integrated into the structure to provide you and your guests the visual clarity you need. The light and warmth produced by the flames can move freely within the room and you can admire the flames as it dances from different angles.

The Modernist

Modern fireplaces have come a long way since the olden days when cluttered mantles and homey hearths were a thing. Now, minimalism has become the norm in most modern homes and even in high-end establishments. However, minimal designs are not as easy as it looks. They may look simple and laid back, but they’re harder to pull off and they require a lot of attention to details.

There are, of course, some other options such as Limestone for a timeless look with a modern twist, or a black slate for a relaxed ambience. You can also choose chocolate wood to provide a sense of distinct luxury to the room. There are loads of arrangements and materials that balance the divide between contemporary and traditional details.


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