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Mobile Application Development Trends


With the mobile app market close to reaching $100 billions worth of purchases, acquisitions and transactions in a single year, the growth is still positive, and for good reason. More people are using their smartphones now than they are using laptops or computers, and this trend is expected to continue as developing markets in such places as South America, Asia and India are growing faster and stronger for each day. We have gathered a list of the 5 hottest trends you need to know about if you are developing your own apps, or if you want to have a mobile application created for your new business idea or game.

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1. Hybrid Mobile Application Development

This terminology covers one of the most widely used buzzwords in 2015; Hybrid Application Frameworks. Before the rise of these frameworks, one would develop an app for iPhones and then spend a lot of time developing a second app for Android phones. Needless to say, that process is not very cost-effective, writing the same program twice is not very smart. But now we don’t have to! Instead of writing iPhone or Android specific code, we can write in a universal coding language. And have the framework “translate” our lines of programming into both Android and iPhone ready applications. Using this method saves almost half of the associated developer costs compared to native development.

2. Wearables

This term covers shoes, clothing and other items you wear on your person. But, unlike normal clothing, these wearables are all equipped with smart chips and connected to either the internet or your smartphone, if not both. What this means is that you can program your shoes to send data about how fast you run, how long you’ve run and use that data in web or mobile applications to track your progress, get statistics and data on your performance and use that to improve yourself. It is also possible to develop heart rate monitors, and a variety of other health-related wearables, where they upload all your physical data directly to your doctor or even emergency responders. So if you have a heart condition or another illness that might render you unconscious and in need of assistance, there’s an app for that!

3. The Internet of Things

Just like wearables are apparel that you wear on your body, so is the Internet of Things referring to all other devices and gadgets connected to the internet or your mobile. This makes it possible for you to remotely control them all. Malthe Kringelbach Iversen from Nodes tells us:
“The IoT terminology is trending upwards in sharp moves, and while this current exponential growth is unsustainable in the long run, getting onboard in 2016 can prove to be similar as to buying Google stock in 2000.”
One of the more famous examples comes from Google itself. They have developed Nest, a smart thermostat to control the heating and cooling from anywhere in the world through internet.

4. Enterprise Level Security

With many large corporations and entities having thousands of employees and hundreds of thousands of customers, keeping track of it all can be a daunting task, but equally as important, is keeping everything secure from hackers, spies and your competitors. This year there’s been a lot of focus on developing secure applications, and especially Apple has made huge strides in this area. By offering rewards to anyone able to hack their systems, Apple is trying to prevent hackers from hacking them illegally, and instead turning potential criminals into rich developers. Smart move we say.

5. Mobile Games

With mobile games taking up almost half of the Google Play store, it appears that we are still downloading more games than anything else. And while everybody has gotten tired of Angry Birds by now, there are thousands of other interesting games to develop, unique ideas and mobile application come on the market every day, and there are room for thousands more to come.

To sum everything up, if you’re a startup or business looking to create your own web or mobile application, remember to consider the above points. Don’t be afraid to ask your chosen developers about the current trends in the market. Above all, there is still plenty of room for new and interesting ideas, and we are nowhere near the top of this app craze.


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