mindfulness meditation

Quintessential Reasons Why Millennials Need To Embrace Mindfulness Meditation


Meditation is a practice that originated in India. It is much more than some breathing exercises, which offer a calming effect on your mind. There are several variants of meditative practices. One such type happens to be mindfulness meditation. This technique helps one to stay in touch with present time, yet attain a sort of detachment that will improve concentration or attention power. Millennials have joined the mad rush to compete with time. They don’t seem to stop no matter what time it is on their watches. This unnatural pace is the root of many issues. With mindfulness meditation, millennials can set things in right order again.

mindfulness meditation

Meditation and Millennials

Even a few years back, it was almost impossible to find youngsters meditating. Millennials mainly consist of the “hip and happening” crowd partying in a cool blazer jacket or sweatshirts. These people tend to slog in the office during day and party hard when the sun goes down. They were least interested in stuff like meditation or spirituality. Only those with an inclination towards religiousness practiced meditation. But things have changed drastically over a short span. Meditation has been recognized as a mainstream lifestyle choice.

Meditation has several positive effects. It not only keeps the body healthy but also heals the mind. It does not develop superhuman powers, but will definitely calm your senses. This calming effect will allow you to enjoy the present, and also bring about a balance between your mental and physical well being. But Yes! You need to take some time out of your busy schedule to practice meditation. The main difference between baby boomers and millennials is the former emphasizes on meditation, while the latter stresses on mindfulness.

Technology Reduces Concentration

The modern society is significantly depended on the use of technology. People spend more time on the smartphones than with their friends. It has earned the millennials the title of being “self-centered and self-absorbed.” Millennials depend on tech not only for work but also for entertainment. They can get any information by tapping the power of the internet. The main issue of the millennials is they seem to lack concentration. It can be attributed to overuse of technology.

Over-exposure to technology allows people to multi-task. This reduces their attention span and leads to split concentration. It does not seem like a massive problem in the beginning. But if steps are not taken, then it can produce negative effects. Mindfulness meditation techniques will help you to combat this. It will not only increase your concentration power but will also develop your overall productivity. This is something that all millennials can use!

Get the Upper Hand on Stress and Anxiety

Millennials have a lot on their plate. Sometimes it becomes rather tricky to juggle professional and personal life with equal competence. The pressure of meeting professional deadlines and meeting the expectations of family members can cause tremendous stress and anxiety. Under such situations, it is difficult to have a blank mind and practice regular meditation. It will never happen. It is here that the importance of mindful-meditation comes to the forefront. This meditation technique teaches you to stay in the present and deal with the issues, without losing your calm. Focusing your attention on a specific task will give you the power to solve it competently. Once you finish that, you can switch on to another task. This smooth transition will allow one to complete the work at hand, without disrupting the mental and physical harmony. Success in tackling both professional and personal fronts will reduce stress and anxiety significantly.

Detachment Helps Soothe Negativity

Innumerable negative energies are floating about in the cosmos. Apart from this, over-dependence on technology and digital tools increase the percentage of artificial powers in the human system. Mindfulness meditation is the best way to release these energies and imbibe positivity from natural sources. It can only happen when a person completely severs all connections with the virtual world. Mindfulness meditation makes this possible without much fuss. Just have a positive outlook and deliberately distance yourself from virtual attractions. Spending ten minutes with yourself in this meditative state will flush out all negative energies from your system. People who desire to explore the realms of inner peace and tranquility will benefit from this practice.

Increased Concentration for Achieving Goals

Athletes, CEOs of giant corporate organizations, movie stars, and scientists, they all practice some sort of meditation. Ever wondered why? They have to follow hectic schedules, which leaves very little time to relax. Meditation allows relaxation to the body as well as the mind. But that is not all. Millennials have a lot to achieve, and they have to complete it now. They are competing to keep pace with time. Focus, determination, planning and hard work allow individuals to achieve their final goals. Successful people need to keep their mind stable at all times. They cannot let disturbance get the better of them. Mindfulness meditation helps in this process. Both setting and achieving goals become easy once you devote time to work on the betterment of your concentration. Enhanced concentration will assist millennials to attain their aims.

An Overall Healthy living

Last but not the least; this unique meditation technique has opened ways for millennials to enjoy a better life. If you keep your distance from stress, negativity, anxiety, and depression, then you will stay happy and content from within. The outside environment will not disturb the calm within. The lack of tranquility urges millennials to indulge in unhealthy eating habits. Tendencies to smoke and consume alcohol are on the rise among millennials. Inner peace and self-balance will keep one away from these habits as well, thereby promoting overall healthy living.


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