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Observing Menstrual Hygiene Day Across the World


Menstruation is the daily periodic life cycle of women across the globe. It is the process, which helps in giving birth to a new life. But still, in nations like India, this topic is considered to be a taboo and is often kept hidden due to its stigmatization. There are people, both men and women, who are hardly aware about the complications related to the hygiene and consciousness about the periodic monthly cycle known as the menstrual cycle.

Recently, the Bollywood movie, Padman helmed by the renowned Bollywood actor, Akshay Kumar has tried to break the silence while speaking about the issue in detail in the movie. May 28th is celebrated as the World Menstrual Hygiene Day for 4 years in a row now with the aim of creating awareness about maintaining proper hygiene and taking initiative to eliminate the complications through active efforts.  Even the movie #PadMan started off with a #PadManChallenge, where the celebrities were posing with the sanitary pads in the social media. The only aim was to dispel the stigma associated with it and progress in the field of health and hygiene.

Due to the physiological changes in a girl’s body during the phase of adolescence, she must be taught about the entire concept of menstruation in detail right during her childhood days. This will ensure that when she grows up, she can be confident enough to maintain her hygiene eliminating the complications.

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The main theme of the day this year is empowerment, where people are made aware about taking proper care of the health, mind, body as well as spirit during the 5 days of the month. Here are some of the essential importance on celebrating the Menstrual Hygiene Day all across the world.

  1. Make people are ware about the importance of a good menstrual hygiene management. This day is celebrated annually across the various parts of the world. People of the developing nations must break the stigma and taboo related to menstruation to lead a healthy life.
  2. There are several places, where women fail to afford the purchase of the quality sanitary napkins. They use clothes or leaves of trees, which are not only unhygienic but are extremely dangerous and may lead to some deadly infections like cancers. So, this day helps in spreading awareness about the low cost and affordable sanitary napkins available in various sectors of the market. Also, women must switch to more hygienic menstrual products, which include menstrual cups or biodegradable sanitary napkins, which are hygienic as well as environmental friendly.
  3. Government to take essential steps to build ladies toilets and maintain proper hygiene to encourage women to practice cleanliness and hygiene.

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