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Martial Arts Workout Techniques for Self Defense


Learning self defense techniques has become important for each one of us for tackling unwanted situations. There are many situations in life when you have no chances of getting help from anyone and this is when self-defense comes into real use. There was a time when it was believed that women should learn self-defense techniques so that they could protect themselves from miscreants in wrongful situations. But in present conditions, learning self-defense techniques should be made mandatory for all. And for this, there is no better option than martial arts. Along with self-defense, these art forms also impart great physical and mental strength to the individual and prepare him/her better for life from various aspects. Top 5 martial arts workout techniques for self-defense

1. Krav Maga

Krav Maga, Martial Arts, self defense
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When you are discussing about the top 5 self defense martial arts techniques of the world, Krav Maga will definitely find mention there. A Hebrew word, Krav Maga means ‘contact fighting’. Infact this self defense martial art form is an integral part of the official Israeli Defense Forces. There are different standards of this martial art form, which are practiced all over the world now successfully. There might be slight diversions from the original Krav Maga form, but the basics remain the same without many alterations. Things that are taught in this martial art form include knife and gun defense along with grappling, strategic striking and much more. However, ensure that you learn this martial art style from a highly-trained instructor.

2. Jiu Jitsu

Jiu Jitsu, Martial Arts, self defense
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The universal style of self defense in the form of jiu jitsu is well known globally. This martial art form is a hybrid and has common elements from other martial art styles. There are elements of hard striking, grappling, choke holds, eye gouging, joint locks, biting etc in this art form. It is mainly a fight between the attacker’s and defender’s center of gravity and the stronger ones emerges as a winner. There are various styles of jiu jitsu and you can implement the one required depending on the situation you are in. Stances will be different when the attacker has a weapon in hand when compared to a position when he is empty handed. Learning the martial art form will enable you to hone the skills successfully.

3. Karate

Karate, Martial arts, self defense technique
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Karate is probably the most common martial arts fitness forms along with great self defense techniques. The main emphasis in this martial art form is on the attack deflection. The knife lunges or punches that are performed at the defender are mainly in straight lines and not in the form of arcs. The fists have to be made strong and tough so that they can work quickly in returning the punches. Striking the head and the face is common and expected. Rather try blocking attack with one hand and punch in pivotal positions of the body with the free hand. Hitting in the right place with the right amount of force will leave the attacker in pain so much that he will not be able to get up for some time.

4. Kick boxing

Kick boxing, martial art, self defense
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It might happen that you are alone on a street and a stranger tries to mug you. In such a situation, self defense techniques like kick-boxing come to be very handy. There are different versions of kicks, punches and using the knees in this martial art form. The only thing is that all the movements have to be extremely fast, distracting and target all kinds of available openings. The defender has to use his hands, elbows, knees, feet and head for self defense. The front kick straight up the chin is the most popular move in kick boxing and can leave the attacker on the floor as he will not be able to anticipate the move because of its speed and tactic. With proper impact, the attacker’s jaw can be broken, his teeth can be shattered and his tongue can be left bleeding. He will not be in a position to get up and fight.

5. Keysi Fighting method

Keysi, martial art, self defense
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Visit any martial arts gym and you will be able to learn the Keysi Fighting method as it is gaining immense popularity with people. There are no kicks in this martial art form. Extremely close quarter combats are involved in this self defense method with high speed and intensity. The fists, knees, elbows and the head are used for attack. Striking with sharp elbows and hammer fists is the rule of the martial art. It is quite interesting to know that these punches are stronger and more devastating when compared to the straight punches.

You can start learning one martial arts form and once that is completed learn the others.



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