Make Your Home More Vibrant

Making Your Home More Vibrant


At long last, spring is here and summer is around the corner. It’s officially time to pack away your drab black clothes, put on a spring dress and spruce up your lovely home. Here are six ways to make your home and main living spaces vibrant.

Make Your Home More Vibrant
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1. Keep Fresh-Cut Flowers

This fix is both quick and affordable. Pick up some fresh-cut flowers and pop them in a clean vase. Daffodils are cheap and easy to find or go for a more extravagant bouquet. Make sure the water is in room temperature; too cold and the flowers won’t like it! Think about the bright colors and lots of greenery. Keep a vase of flowers in each room. Not only will the house look more vibrant, but it will also smell incredible too!

2. Add a Splash of Color

Neutrals are all well and good, and can help a house to look both sleek and salable. But, there is absolutely nothing wrong with adding a splash of color here and there. It can truly add something extra, especially during the darker and duller months. Speak to a color consultancy if you want to go about it properly. They will be able to advise you from a professional perspective and you can pick their brains on hints and tips.

3. Add Texture

Color isn’t the only fast way to vibrancy; so is texture. They key here is contrasts. Pair knitted cushion covers with velour ones. Throw a coarse wool blanket next to a soft teddy-bear fabric on the sofa. In the bedroom pair soft, floaty curtains with solid wood furniture. Mixing and matching in this way add intrigue.

4. Invest In Art

A beautiful piece of art in the home is one of the classiest ways to make vibrant surroundings. Look for pieces that depict the favorite building of yours, like the Eiffel Tower in Paris or The Statue of Liberty in New York or go for landscapes. There are auctions you can pick up high-end pieces as well. However, affordable art fairs are now starting to pop up all over the country and the globe. Check out the one in New York here.

5. A House Plant

We live and thrive for oxygen. One way of bringing more of it into our homes is by keeping a house plant. It is yet another way to add a splash of color and it brings the outside in! Keep it well-looked after and it can live for months. That being said, don’t over water it. This is because that can do more harm than good. Read the guidelines carefully. They also say that it needs to be kept out of direct sunlight.

6. Collect Items From Abroad

A house filled with cultural influences from around the world is always a vibrant place. Every time you go travelling, bring something home. Look for rugs in Tunisia and terracotta jugs in Spain. Pick up some hand-blown wine glasses in Italy and some bathroom tiles in Morocco. Pop them securely in your suitcase and bring them together to make an eclectic home environment.

These are some unique ideas to make your home more vibrant. Enjoy reading.


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