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Why I Love Pocket Hole Jig And You Should, Too!


Joinery in woodworks is always an annoying and time killing task. No matter, whether you’re a professional woodworker or do creative DIY wood projects sometimes like me, I hope you’ll agree with me. Thanks Kreg for introducing with Pocket Hole Jig- faster and easier woodworks joinery equipment. My occasional woodworks have become more pleasing and convenient since I’ve been using a pocket hole joinery system. Here’s Why I Love Pocket Hole Jig and You Should, Too! in the following. Let’s get started! (Just 3 Minutes Read)

1. Easier to Use

Unlike traditional wood joinery equipment, a pocket hole jig system is comparatively easier to use. The most amazing thing that attracted me is- you’ll require neither clamps nor dowels to do the job perfectly. Yes, you’ll not face any difficulty joining two or several pieces of woods even if you do not have prior experience with a pocket hole jig. All you need to do is- mark the spots, drill holes, and use pocket screws for all sorts of mid-range joinery.

2. Faster Joinery

If you’re like me and can’t wait to move to the next step after joining the pieces of woods, a pocket hole jig system is all you need. While joining pieces of woods, you will not have to wait until the glue dries up and the joints become tight, to proceed to the next step. Rather, a pocket hole jig will allow you to make tight, strong, and durable joints comparatively faster than the conventional woodwork joinery. For me, a jig system has become an inseparable part of my DIY wood projects since the first time I have been using this amazing equipment.

3. Portable

The next thing that comes in the queue while I’m explaining why I love a pocket hole jig system is- its Portability. Though I don’t need to carry it from place to place, I honestly love this handy joinery equipment for my DIY woodworks. It’s easy to use, pack, and carry. Lighter, smarter, and faster wood joining system I have ever been using.  A pocket hole jig can be the best choice for you if you’re a professional woodworker and have to carry the essential tools from one place to another. I bet, you’ll love it too just after a single use.

4. Pocket-Friendly Price

The price of any particular product always works as a motivator. In the case of this particular wood joinery system, I guess the price is very reasonable and pocket-friendly even for a non-professional woodworker. I’ll highly recommend going for the jig system if you frequently require joining woods for either your personal or professional woodworks.

Apart from all these mentioned facilities of a pocket hole jig system, there are a few other things that I love. Precisely, durable and invisible joinery, quick turnaround, and ease of use are some of the obvious factors that dragged me in. From all terms, pocket hole jig is a quickest and smartest solution for woodwork joints. Check This Article for more information related to this amazing equipment.


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