Loneliness is Taking a Toll on Me and I Don’t Know How to Survive!!!


What is loneliness according to you? Do you think it’s just a feeling? It’s all about a complicated emotional state of mind, which arises due to the absence of companionship and affects much more than your mind. As per studies, it’s revealed that every one in 5 individuals go through loneliness. With the advent of modernization, the concept of being lonely has deepened to a significant extent. There are several reasons of loneliness. And, this has given rise to several complicated situations.

1. Increases the Risk of Dementia

Loneliness in its chronic form often leads to several neuro-degenerative diseases. These include Alzheimer’s disorder, Dementia and some more. It affects the normal functioning of the brain to a huge extent. Research studies have found out that the risk of dementia is raised by 64 percent by the feeling of dementia.

2. Increased Cardiac Complications

Loneliness often leads to a lot of over-expression. And, loneliness, in its chonic form damages the blood vessels and tissues of the heart, which may also result in inflammation in long term. This gives rise to the chances of stroke, cardiac arrests and several cardiovascular disorders as well.

3. Headache

This is yet another common consequence of feeling lonely. Absence of companionship puts heavy pressure on the brain. And, the person may start experiencing physical pain, which may also be very severe. The feeling of being isolated is very dangerous.

4. Depression

This is one of the major impacts of loneliness on health. The connection between loneliness and depression is very strong. And, as you must be knowing that WHO has declared depression as a serious concern across the world. It has a lot of complications associated with it. The feeling of being rejected and having no one around also gives rise to anxiety as well.

5. Sleeping Problems

Last but not the least, if you’re going through the feeling of being lonely, you’re bound to have disturbances in sleep. It has a tremendous impact on sleep. It gives rise to insomnia, restlessness and several other sleeping problems.

Apart from these consequences, it also results in obesity and mental disturbance as well. In extreme cases, he impact of loneliness becomes so severe that it leads to premature death as well, reducing the life expectancy of the individuals to a significant extent.


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