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Lingerie for Women of Plus Size to Look Sensuous and confident


We all know the adage that every body is beautiful. But, dressing (and undressing) can have a major impact on a woman’s confidence, comfort, and overall visual appearance. In 2013, Business Insider announced that “the plus size revolution is upon us.” And, this prediction has only become more true over the years, especially in the lingerie world. Learning how to embrace, flaunt, and celebrate your gorgeous, full-figured physique is vital to achieving the look you desire, when it comes to styling effortlessly classy lingerie. Here are some tips on lingerie for women to consider when you’re opting for plus size lingerie shopping for your best intimate looks!

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1. Go Retro Lingerie for Women Tip

lingerie for womenLong before trends like heroin chic came into fashion (and these days are thankfully behind us), fuller figures have been celebrated for their beauty and appeal. Rich, draping fabrics, curvaceous V necklines, and hourglass shapes are all elements of iconic, classy lingerie styles that have found a fabulous resurgence in recent years. (For an interesting look at the evolution of these trends, this article on ideal body types throughout history reveals just how diverse conceptions of beauty can be.) Channeling your inner pin-up girl or Mad Men temptress can be the lingerie tip to unlocking your ideal style statement.

2. If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It

lingerie for women

Drawing attention to an ample bust is one of the joys of plus size lingerie shopping, and one often denied to women of a more slender frame. Push-up bras, bustiers, and curved chemises with a deep neckline all help to accentuate natural, voluptuous shapes. While many women don’t feel comfortable in two-piece bra and panty sets, styles like corsets and bodysuits can provide a waist-slimming alternative that calls attention to the bust and hips. For a flirty but seductive appeal, baby dolls are one of the most universally flattering, comfortable, and sexy styles of lingerie, particularly for full-figured ladies.

3. Be True to Yourself: Accurately Measure Your Bust

lingerie for women

Women of all sizes tend to hang onto their favorite bras forever. So, when shopping for a new bra, it’s important to get new, accurate bust measurements. Just because you’ve been wearing a size 42, several months or years of wear may have stretched the bra, making the marked size irrelevant. Additionally, while size figures are generally standardized by country and by garment, modern-day vanity sizing by many big-name stores and retail websites can throw off true measurements, which supports the need to get re-measured regularly.

4. Think About Your Overall Style

lingerie for womenWhile timeless, classy lingerie is all about unleashing your inner fantasies, bras, panties, bodysuits, and other specialized pieces such as corsets and bustiers are still items of clothing you can style to suit your individual sense of style. As with any style of intimates, with plus size lingerie shopping, you can be daring and risque with barely-there designs, you can still infuse your personal sense of fashion into any lingerie look by going with colors and silhouettes you know will be flattering.

5. True Beauty is About Feeling Beautiful

lingerie for womenAbove all, it’s vital to choose lingerie that doesn’t simply look great on a hanger (or on the bedroom floor), but to go with styles that feel incredible when you have them on. Whether your style falls toward elegant, classy lingerie or the adventurous, online stores and in brick & mortar boutiques are catering to plus size ladies of sweet, sexy, and seductive lingerie options are available to full figured women than ever before.

Plus size lingerie shopping never needs to nerve-wracking or stressful. One of the most important tips when styling yourself is to be honest about what you truly like, be it leather and lace, floor-length nightgowns, or racy variations on vintage styles. At the end of the day (and throughout the night), the perfect lingerie is whatever makes you feel gorgeous, confident, and truly irresistible.

Author Bio: Amy Trotter is a freelance content writer at Smitten Lingerie, a resource for playful, seductive, and spectacularly curated lingerie. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California with her two pugs, Lana and Ava. In her free time, she enjoys blogging, pilates, and enjoying mimosa brunches with friends.





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