Lingerie Experience! Tips and Tricks to Pick the Best and Sexy for Yourself


‘Life is too short to wear mediocre underwear.’ An excellent piece of advice for all the ladies out there, sexy as a siren from inside but still confused on how to project it well to the outside world.  Too skimpy and it borders on being indecent, too plain and you automatically get yourself the tag of a Plain Jane. A little help from us, some time spent on lingerie shopping, and wearing that lingerie with full confidence is all it takes to turn into a diva. Here are some lingerie tips and tricks for unleashing the sexy woman in you.

1. Get an Instant Oomph

Your boobs are there but not quite there yet? For the right amount of boost to your bust, you need the push-up bra. It enhances the cleavage, making it look sexy, not to mention the confidence you get with the beauty of your breasts amplified. Just like that in a blink of an eye you turn from Plain Jane to a hot bombshell.

2. Grace Your Curves with Correct Body Shapers

The sooner you admit that there are those teeny tiny unsightly bulges gracing your tummy, the better it is. For then, you will shop for yourself the perfect shapewear, and you will thank us for this excellent piece of wisdom. The key behind getting the perfect body shaper for yourself is to get your finger on the problem area first. For example, if you have identified your problem area to be your tummy then you can go for a high waist cincher that will shape up your torso with its targeted compression and offer you the desired shape. If you’re wearing a saree then you can go for a saree shapewear and so on. See, you knew it already, just needed a nudge and that’s alright, for we all need it.

3. Add a Touch of Lace to Pep up Your Basics

If your closet doesn’t have lacy lingerie in it, girl, you seriously need to shop right now for some. Lace is every woman’s best friend when she wants to feel sexy and look the look. Lace has the quality of making breasts look dainty, seductive, and with padded lace bras, the boobs look even fuller and smoother. Lace panties are the epitome of sexiness. Match your intimates with pretty lacy bra and panty set and feel sexy inside and confident on the outside.

4. Take the Thong Way

Why not flaunt that booty a little without giving away too much. The thong shows off your rear and with a ring detail at the sides, it gives the butt an even sexier look. Its no panty line feature under bodycon dresses makes sure you enjoy the sexy avatar of yourself even more. And what better way to amp up the heat than to wear a thong in lace!

5. Cage it and Cage it Well

You are a feisty one and you don’t shy away from owning the diva that you are. Then why shy away from wearing your sensuality on your sleeve, ahem back we mean. The cage bra defines what you are; a woman who is confident enough of flaunting her back with confidence. You can show-off you wild side that is tamed just enough, from under your tops. The cage bra instantly jazzes up any top that has a deep neckline. It is in itself a statement accessory.

6. Show Off a Little

This one exudes oomph to the brim and is just the right arsenal to slay the world with your sexiness. The halter neck bra comes in various styles in both lace and satin fabrics. Be a lacy bralette under your cardigan or a stringy bra under your sheer tops halter bra is undebatable when it comes to being sexy and comfortable at the same time.

7. Keep it Coordinated Underneath

You know what is not sexy? A mismatched bra and panty, which is a sign that the organized woman in you is slipping away. The bra and panty sets bring out the flirty you and they are super hot.  Bra panty sets have a whole gamut of choices available for you; the bikini set, a racer back with boy shorts, a lace bra with hipster panty, and a bralette bikini, to name a few. What are you waiting for gals? Let your fingers go clickety-click while you shop for yourself.

8. Know Your Size and Style

Before you go all bonkers and set sail on a lingerie shopping spree it is important to know your right fit and style. Knowing your body type is a pivot to choosing lingerie that fits and feels right. Once you’ve discovered your curves do not shy away from trying something over-the-top because this is something that is very intimate. So, listen to your body, if it says it’s comfortable, go for it. And yes! Before any of this, take a fit test and know your right size. Cause no matter how sexy your lingerie looks if isn’t fitting you well it won’t do the magic.


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