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Keyword Research and the Steps

Keyword Research is all about the words that you type in the search box. It is mostly the valuable and high return activities in the field of search engine marketing. If you have proper keywords to rank for, you get two options, either you make your website or you break it. To know about the demand of keyword, you need to do a bit of keyword research targeting SEO. Well, it must be remembered that it’s not always getting visitors to the site. But, it’s getting the quality visitors to the site. So, proper keyword research is essential to understand the variations in market and getting proper products and services through contents. It’s also important to plan a good content strategy for the website. Here are some steps of Keyword Research. Have a look.

1. Niche Market

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First and foremost, it’s important to understand the niche market of your website. Based on the niche you can choose the keywords and the contents respectively. Based on the niche, go for the keyword research. Just doing keyword research randomly won’t help at all. It’s your audience and the genre of your business, who will guide you through the keyword research process.

2. SEO Content

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Once the niche is identified, it’s high time to get some keywords for you. Generally, the keywords are divided into 3 major following types.

  • Head Keywords

These are single word with a lot of competition and search volume. However, head keywords have a low conversion rate.

  • Body Keywords

These are keywords having 2 to 3 words. The search volume is quite decent. They are specific, when compared to the head keywords. Though, the competition rate is lower, when compared to that of the Head Keywords, still they’re competitive.

  • Long Tail Keywords

These are keywords having word phrases more than 4. These are very specific in nature. These long tail keywords stand for most number of searches over the net online.

Its critical to get a hold of the search and demand curve.  But, once, one gets the grasp, it’s the bigegst milestone achieved in keyword research process.

3. Long Tail Keywords

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Long tail keywords have a lot of unique searches conducted many times daily. When these all are counted at a time, it becomes one of the largest search volumes of the world. Also, the conversion rates for these keywords are often better.

4. Keyword Research Tools

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There are some keyword research tools available for you to increase the list of keywords in a very short duration of time. Google AdWords Keyword tool is the mostly used one in this field. However, there are certain alternatives to this tool. Keyword Tool, Majestic SEO, SEO Book Keyword Tools, Word Tracker are some of them. All of them have the same intention. And, that is, to enhance your experience of keyword research by extending the list.

5. Keyword Competition

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The definite guide to Keyword research is the Keyword Competition analysis. Keyword competition is defined as the measure of the level of difficulty for the ranking of a keyword in the market. Even there is a keyword competition tool, which helps to measure the keyword competition level. This helps to predict the difficulty level of ranking of the keywords.

Once all the steps of keyword research are done, you get a list of keywords for your website. Now, help your website get a good rank in the industry.



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