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Jogging or Weight Training?


Exercise fulfills multiple purposes of physical fitness. It helps to

  • reduce body fat
  • increase muscle mass, and
  • makes you stronger

Different types of exercises are there and each of them serves a particular purpose. The exercise that suits you the most depends on the results you want. Some exercises make you muscular and add to your strength while others are used to losing fat and adding stamina to the human body. The most debatable question has always been, whether jogging is better or weight training has the supremacy?

1. Advantages of Jogging

It is a well-known fact that aerobic training burns more calories than weight exercises. Following the lead from these proved experimental results, we can deduce that jogging is a better alternative if the major goal of your work-out is to lose the excessive amount of fat. It does tone the muscles of your legs but the foremost purpose of jogging is to make you leaner. Another advantage that jogging brings is that it increases the stamina. The resilience of the person improves and his/her ability to perform physical activities is enhanced. It is also a good cure for respiratory diseases like asthma.

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2. Advantages of Weight Training

The basic goal of weight training is to increase the muscle size and their endurance. Different types of exercises are there for targeting specific muscles. Some of them improve a range of muscles. Fats are not removed from the body instead they are replaced by muscles. Under-weight people who suffer from weak muscles are generally advised to do weight training in order to make their body strong.

3. Body Builders

Bodybuilders are prime examples of people who do weight training to increase the muscle content in their bodies. They undergo minimum physical training because it can reduce the size and shape of their body. Many harmful products are sold under the title of anabolic steroids and supplements, which enhance the growth rate of muscles. The side effects of these chemicals are fatal as they can lead to kidney, skin and lung cancer. Bodybuilding community is of the view that regular jogging must not be done, if you want to develop a good body.

4. Sportsperson

Another community that contributes to this discussion is sportsmen. They need to have intense levels of fitness and strength to survive in their careers. This class of people performs both activities in a proper balance to extract maximum outcome from their bodies. They have regular schedules for physical drills like jogging and running as well as weight training. Use of anabolic steroids is also found in this field of life. Even though these drugs are banned by major sporting organizations, we do get a case here and there.

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Knowing all this, the answer to this query becomes pretty simple. You must realize the requirements of your body, consider your own liking, and choose accordingly. You can choose any one or a combination of both but, drugs like anabolic steroids must be avoided in all cases.


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