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Ingenious Ways to Install a Garden in Your Condo


“If you’ve never experienced the joy of accomplishing more than you can imagine, plant a garden.” –Robert Brault

Planting a garden in a condo is not exactly feasible— nor is it in any way possible. But, if you’re an individual with a green thumb, we can definitely understand this burgeoning penchant of yours. Unfortunately, individuals residing in condos are mostly constrained to the limited space that they have and the rules imposed on them by the house collective. So, if you think you can start building a sprawling botanical indoor garden on the terrace of your condo for rent in BGC, you can look away now. However, this does not mean that all bets are off the table and that there is no possible way for you to integrate a sense of lush greenery into your residence. If you think well outside the box and are rather nifty with DIY, having a beautiful garden—albeit a bit small, in your condo living space can be done—no matter how diminutive the area might be. Just use whatever space you have at your disposal and be resourceful. Here are some of the most ingenious ways to install a garden in your condo:

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1. Container Garden

container garden, garden in condo
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Environment-friendly, timeless and affordable are a few things you can describe gardening in a container. It is considered budget-friendly as you can use or re-use any recyclable container you have so long as it could hold your plants. Get a little creative and maximize your artistic potential by using old jars, shoe boxes, plastic cups and giving them a splash of stippling it with various hues and designs.

2. Wall Gardening

garden in condo

As condominium units are somewhat limited in space, it would be best if you maximized every square inch that you have. In this regard, potted plants and plants that take up to much space are definite no-nos. However, if you’re really determined to have an indoor garden, then save space as well as showcase your artistic capabilities by hanging your plants on the wall. You can do this by finding a pallet, fixing loose boards and having it lean on the wall after installing and cascading plants on it. Alternatively (and if it the former sounds like too much work), you can use a hanging shoe organizer as a makeshift wall plant mount.

3. Aquatic Gardening

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If you want something a little more unorthodox and incredibly unique, try aquatic gardening. Not only will you be brightening up your space with the addition of plants, but it also functions as an exceptional decoration in your apartment as well. Furthermore, having tubs or large pots filled with water and plants can also function as a mini-pond, where fishes can live. If you wish to install a water garden, lotus and water lily plants are excellent choices and would instantly add color and fragrance to your space.

4. Trellis

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If your condo unit comes with a verandah or a balcony, you can simply attach and grow the plants against them. Have them form a lovely archway which would immediately captivate your guests and catch the attention of onlookers. Moreover, there are a lot of gorgeous vines and food plants you could easily train to grow vertically—you just need to find the time to do so.

5. Terrariums

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Terrariums are all the rage for homes with small spaces and residences such as condominium units. This minimalistic decor instantly adds sophistication and chic elegance to just about any room. Apart from that, terrariums are incredibly easy to make—just take any glass container such as bowls, jars, and even light bulbs, and you have the base for your mini garden. Just situate the bigger plant at the center, sprinkle it with moss or pebbles on the soil and you are done.


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