impact of social media on SEO

Impact of Social Media on SEO: Important Facts


Content is always considered as the king in the SEO industry, be it the content on your website or the content on any social media platform. SEO and the social media are inter-related with each other. Here are a few things by which you will understand the impact of social media on SEO.

1. Profiles in Social Media Get Ranks in Search Engines

Though the shares in the social media platforms are not very important for ranking, the social profiles are directly connected. Sometimes, the social profiles appear as the topmost results in the listing of Google. For example, if you are searching for any company, the profiles of Twitter, Pinterest or the Instagram may appear in the first page. The information of the company registered in Google+ can be shared just at the right side in the search page. So, there is not a doubt about the relationship of the social profiles with Google. For example, when the audience search with some keywords, the first thing he/ she will notice is the Google+ profile and will probably click on it.

2. Social Links can Boost Your Search Rank

Though it cannot be ensured, social links may boost up your search engine ranks. There remains a debate about the social links whether they are used for boosting ranks or not. According to Matt Cutts, the social media authority is considered as to the number of times the web page has been linked with the social media.

3. Search Engine Channels are also Social Media Channels

Nowadays, people do not end their searches by searching in Bing, Yahoo or Google. They go further with the social media channels for going through various options. To know more, you can contact any social media agency in Mumbai. For example, if you want to make your brand visible online, you can be active in Twitter. You can participate in the relevant Tweets and can use the hash tags for your keywords. Likewise, the Pinterest and Instagram can also be used for publicizing the visual content. If someone wants to check the credibility of your company, he or she will quickly give a search to check your presence in the social media platforms. Thus, the impact of social media on SEO can’t be ignored.

4. Bing is Also Important

By search engines, we mostly  mean Google. But, you should not forget Bing. Worldwide, Bing can be considered as the second most used search engine. Therefore, you should be updated with the algorithm of Bing too. As the market share of Bing is growing very fast, the companies may include this member in their SEO strategy.

5. Social Signals Can Be Decisive Factor In Future

Though the social signals are not directly connected with the rankings now, it doesn’t mean that it can never become the decisive factor. So, wise brands will definitely try building their authority with the help of the social media channels. They will surely include the impact of social media on SEO while formulating the strategy for designing their SEO activities.

The web world is nothing, but interacting with the audience and building positive relationships with them. Since, from the inherent stage, the SEO strategy is social; you cannot ignore the impact of social media on SEO. The searches are broadening their search methods by not limiting themselves into the search engines only. Therefore, the marketers should also widen up their strategies to make their brands visible on the web. So, with the positive effects of the social media platforms, as a visitor, you can now observe more and more social media profiles in the first page of Google, when you search with your required keywords. While there has never been any sure-shot way to increase a brand’s authority other than a quality experience for the end-user, these staples of social media marketing are where it all starts.



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