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Ideas for a Bucks Party


Being the best man for your best mate is not an occasion that happens often. So, it is part of your best man’s and a best mate’s ‘duty’ to ensure that your friend has a memorable time celebrating his days as a single unattached guy before being called a married man. And what better way to celebrate and have a ball of a time than by throwing the groom a Bucks Party, better known as a bachelor’s party.

A typical buck’s party usually involves getting all the guys together and enjoying a steady supply of drinks at a local pub or hangout spot. And, not to forget the strippers! However, planning a typical party is no fun and will barely carry any surprise value. A few fun and out of the box ideas are suggested below to throw your best friend a buck’s party that he will definitely enjoy and be thankful for.

Ideas for Buck’s Party

1. On the Water

bucks party

Instead of celebrating in the usual locations, Party Boats can be hired to throw a bachelor party. With a scenic location and view of the city lights along with being afloat on the water, a boat party has its own unique appeal. The entire boat can be booked along with arrangements for food and also for strippers and exotic dancers bought in for entertainment. The groom will definitely have a memorable time at such a party on the boat.

2. Adventure Seeking Activities

bucks party

If the groom and his gang of friends are adventure junkies and are looking for some thrills which are high on adrenaline, then celebrating a bachelor party by indulging in some adventure activities is a must and an unconventional way of celebrating the groom’s bachelor-hood. The gang of boys can go river rafting or riding a jet boat or one of the several water sport activities. Another option is to go hiking or trekking. Other alternatives can be bungee jumping or skydiving or better still going to a theme park and enjoying all the rides they have.

3. Having a Sporty Affair

bucks party

If sports is more the groom and the gangs liking then they can spend the day watching a game of football, soccer or cricket live at the stadium. Or even, they can go to a racing circuit and watch a motorbike or car race cheering for the winner. Better still, the boys can play any one of these sports and have the perfect sporty day.

Other activities that can be done if not hard core sports are paintball or laser tagging which are a ton of fun and will definitely awaken the child within.

4. Cooking it up

bucks party

Cooking is always considered more a woman’s domain in the house. What better way to break the stereotype than learning how to cook as a bachelor party theme. And this does not mean cooking a pack of ramen but learning from a qualified chef how to whip up some gourmet dishes. If specific and special cuisine is not up the boys’ alley they can always take a class to master the art of barbecue cooking or how to make delicious pizzas and brew one’s own beer, which is more up the sleeve of the guys.

If cooking does not interest the groom and gang, then they can definitely go food tasting at one of the elusive, fine dining restaurants where getting a table is a big deal or where the food is finger-lickingly scrumptious.


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