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How to Run a Coffee Shop Smoothly? Top 5 Secrets


Is it one of your dreams to open a coffee shop or cafe? If you said yes, one of your most burning questions is probably: “What is the secret of how to run a coffee shop smoothly?” Does success lie in just having the best espresso coffee machines and freshest beans? While it is true there is no magic formula to make something a success; there are a few constants you can use a blueprint. Some of those include having a solid business plan, a strong work ethic and luck. However, there are a few other things you can do to ensure your coffee shop runs smoothly and sets itself up for success.

coffee business
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1. Invest in Serving the Best Espresso

Caffeine connoisseurs are constantly on the search for the best cup of coffee. By investing in the best automatic espresso machines and top quality freshly roasted beans, you don’t need to be in the most popular location. You just need to serve the best espresso coffee around consistently and the coffee die-hards will find you. However, keep in mind that it is not just about the equipment, you need to make sure your barista is trained and has a passion for making the perfect cuppa joe every time.

2. Encourage Upselling

Your coffee shop is not going to turn over a profit by just selling cups of coffee alone. While that “god shot” espresso may be the primary reason your customers enter your shop, you do not want them to leave without making multiple sales. According to Peter Baskerville who has founded over 20 cafes, coffee should make up only 40% of your weekly sales. To encourage upselling make sure coffee favorites like muffins, cookies and slices of cake are at the point of sale. You should also look into developing a menu consisting of cold drinks and a variety cold and hot meals. This is an important step of how to run a coffee shop smoothly.

3. Be a Coffee Geek

You need to know everything about coffee like the back of your hand. Take the time to train yourself on how to brew a fantastic cup of coffee and whatever other beverage you plan to serve. Learn which are the best automatic espresso machines on the market and teach yourself how to use them. Spend time learning everything you can about coffee beans – whether it is the altitude of coffee plants or the name of the farm it comes from and even the different brewing styles. The more you know about your product, the more passionate you will become and the more equipped you will be to offer your customers a delicious caffeine rush.

4. Get Your Pricing Right

Pricing can be complicated. This is yet the most important part of how to run a coffee shop smoothly. You might need to sell certain items below the market price and others above. It all depends on perceived customer value and finding that balance between your overheads. It might take time getting your prices just right, so don’t be afraid of a little experimentation. Find that sweet spot between your revenue and expenses and keep assessing your prices to see if you need to change what you are charging.

5. Hire Passionate People

You might be brewing the best coffee in town, but if your staff are lacklustre, unfriendly and never smile you may soon find yourself out of business. Passion is contagious, and your customers will pick up very quickly on the vibe at your coffee shop. When hiring staff for your coffee shop always choose people are passionate about coffee and passionate about offering excellent customer service. Spend time with your employees and model the behavior and speech you want your staff to use and incorporate it into your shop’s culture.

There you have it. Five simple tips to help you take your new coffee shop from zero to hero. And, this is how to run a coffee shop smoothly. From the best espresso coffee machines to encouraging upselling, if you follow these steps should be well on your way to a financially stable business.


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  1. Coffee shops in India are emerging at a good rate. I am planning to open one sooner. Thanks for the great tips. Can you please tell some tips on where to buy coffee beans in India

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