How to Ensure your Child Grows Straight Teeth?


A child’s growth is one of the most exciting things. The primary tooth falling out is one such milestone too. You will feel proud of your child and watch him grow older day by day. Parents often find it hard to watch their children’s teeth fall out! However, what they need to attend to, is knowing if the secondary teeth, is coming out right.

Why Do Teeth not Grow Straight?

It is a common condition that children can face. It usually happens for hereditary reasons like having extra teeth, missing teeth, large teeth, wide spaces, small jaws, and so on. It can compound due to tongue thrusting, thumb sucking, premature loss of primary teeth, poor breathing due to enlarged adenoids, as well. The results are usually due to crowded teeth or malocclusion.

 How to Make Sure that Teeth Grow Straight?

1. Appoint a Dentist

When your child grows the primary teeth, it is good to take regular trips to the dentist. They ensure that your child’s teeth are clean and are growing well. They also keep an eye on the adult teeth. Dentists can figure out if some teeth are not coming straight and refer you to the right orthodontist.

It is good to come over to a pediatric dentist as your child is small. The pediatric dentists specialize in oral care for toddlers. They take special training for consulting children of this age. They also recognize and correct bad habits.

2. Correct Bad Habits

A pediatric dentist identifies the bad habits that might hinder in the proper growth of teeth. For example, PacifiCare might be great for soothing the baby and give health benefits for infants. However, by the age of two, you should not give any pacifiers to the kids. It can lead to improper teeth formation.

Thumb sucking is another cause of having irregular teeth. Most doctors say pacifiers are better than thumb sucking as they don’t get into a bodily practice. It is easy to control the usage of a pacifier but stop the child from sucking his own thumb.

You can also find out if your child has taken up such bad habits since you are with him all the time. You need to create a plan to break these down and take help from a pediatric dentist. They will give you an extensive guidance and that will help you have the right kind of motivation and solution for your child.

3. Check on Their Growth

Children tend to have adult teeth which erupt in a crooked way. They might seem crooked initially but might come in the right shape once they grow completely. However, some of the teeth need correction after they are fully grown. Don’t panic if you find the teeth crooked initially.

4. Visit an Orthodontist

When you see that your child’s teeth need more care and correction, you can move onto an orthodontist. The sooner you visit him the quicker you can start the treatment. The earlier the treatment starts the faster your child will be able to fix their bite.

You should correct things, when they are minor and not stress your children too much. This is why you should bring your child to an orthodontist when he is seven years old. This is the age when adult teeth start coming in and the doctor can assess if it is growing in the right way.

Come over to Perimeter Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics for all your child’s dental requirements. Remember, it is better to prevent the condition, so don’t take any chances!


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