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How Do You Know If the Person You’re Dating Thinks You To Be a #FWB and Not a Serious Relationship?


Do you think you’re dating a person, who is just interested in #FWB and not in real relationship? How does it feel to get hooked up in casual dating with only the flare of sex and romance and no real relationship, love, intimacy or emotional attachment with the person? Is it fun? Or is it devastating? Depends!!!???

It’s true that the term, Friends with Benefits (abbreviated as #FWB) has gained a lot of popularity over the years. And, as per the Psychology experts, it still remains a controversial issue about whether the whole concept of No Strings Attached reduces psychological stress or induces more of it. Not every individual is expressive and not every person speaks out his mind. Then, how do you understand that the person you’re spending time with and wishing to spend your life with is actually not interested in any real relationship and commitments and is just taking you to be a FWB. Let’s check out here.

1. Never Cares About Your Life

If the person you’re dating is only interested in sex and talks related to sexual pleasure or speaks very little about your daily life and problems and is only interested to fulfill own needs and desires, then trust me, you’re definitely caught in #FWB. There’s absolutely no emotional attachment or sign of love anywhere in there. And, if you’re a person, who takes relationship seriously, then you’re in danger, the serious danger of heartache.

2. Never Speaks Truth

The person, who’s interested in casual hook ups and looking out for friends with benefits is unlikely and reluctant as well to reveal any truths or the basic traits to the partner.  Lies are preferred over truths in such cases. This is because of two main reasons. First reason being the person is not at all interested in revealing the true nature since there’s no seriousness and future in the relationship. And, the second reason being the fear of revealing the true self and losing all the fun. So, the person looking for FWB generally always pretends.

3. Love is Not only a Sexual Attachment. However, FWB is More of Sexual Attachment

An individual, who is truly in love and is seriously looking forward to a relationship can never leave caring or being emotional irrespective of the situations. The person will never lose interest in you no matter how many days have passed by. If your partner lacks care for you or concerns for you or if there exists no emotional attachment or if he fails to express the love for you, it’s definitely not a serious relationship. There will always be love, care, emotions and passion present in any serious relationships.

4. Doesn’t Care to Be Around You, When You’re in Need

Since there’s no love or care or emotional attachment, the person will never care to be around you in situations of your need or emergencies. He will either make any excuse or simply not respond or be reluctant to understand your emergency or situation. You’ll never understand when the long night conversations simply switch to ignoring to take calls saying, “I don’t feel like”. Painful but true…

These are the some of the essential points, which hint you clearly, if the person you’re dating is actually looking for Friends with Benefits or is genuinely interested in you. If you’re an emotional person and is really not of a casual hook up kind, be aware. You’re definitely on the verge of painful heartbreaks. And, it feels pathetic to understand that the person, whom you loved the most actually had no binding towards you after dating for a few days or months.


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