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High Blood Pressure Treatment: Natural Remedies


The inactive human lifestyle in today’s world seems to be leading to many diseases that affects the lifespan. One such issue that most of the people have is hypertension, which is also known as high blood pressure. There are many factors that causes this issue such as diet, genetics, less workout, less water intake and excessive smoking. Many scientists call it a silent killer as it affects the blood flow to a great extent. There are many health issues associated with it such as diabetes, heart attack, metabolic syndrome, loss of vision, kidney disease and stroke. To stay protected from such health problems, you need to choose the best natural remedies for high blood pressure treatment.

high blood pressure treatment
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1. Increase Fish Oil Consumption to Lower High Blood Pressure

Rich with Omega 3 fatty acid, fish oil is good for your heart. Studies have also stated that it reduces the risk of strokes and hypertension. It is one of those natural remedies that reduces the level of triglycerides while improving the good cholesterol level called HDL. To make this, you simple need a good quality fish oil. Pour it in the orange juice and drink at least 2 times every day.

2. Chocolate Extract: Effective for High Blood Pressure Treatment

Another great natural remedy is to eat dark chocolates. Researchers claim that chocolate or cocoa powder has flavonols  that reduce the blood pressure problem. It is best for pre-hypertensive people. It usually affects the nitric oxide system, due to which the problem of hypertension stays in control. You can drink it with milk once everyday for better outcome.

3. Drink Hibiscus Sips to Reduce High Blood Pressure

In most of the cultures, Hibiscus is considered as one of the best things nature can gift us with ample of medicinal properties. It helps to control bp. It works as diuretic due to which the sodium from the bloodstream reduces. This helps the arterial walls to not take much pressure on it for letting the blood flow. Most of the doctors as a part of high blood pressure treatment advise ACE inhibitors along with hibiscus, which work faster for this problem. All you need is boil some water, put some hibiscus along with cinnamon sticks in it and drink it at least 2-3 times a day.

4. Coconut Water is Good for High Blood Pressure

Unripe a coconut and drink the water found in its shell for getting good results. It not only cools down your body, but also improves digestion and blood flow. If you take it in raw form, it has ample benefits. Being rich in magnesium and potassium, it helps to lower down the blood pressure problem. Drinking coconut water for 2 times a day will surely give you the most effective results.

5. Consume Extracts of Green Coffee

Extracted from Coffea fruits, green coffee is one of the efficient natural remedies for high blood pressure treatment that many doctors advise. It has a component called chlorogenic acid that controls the hypertension problems.There are not so many side effects of it, but you may find sometimes difficult to sleep if you increase its intake. It also cures the symptoms associated with hypertension and thus, keeps the patient fit.

Follow these natural remedies as an extra precaution to work effectively with other high blood pressure treatment. Visit different experts, who have years of experience of dealing with such problems. Also, follow the right medications advised by the doctors to deal with bp.


27 thoughts on “High Blood Pressure Treatment: Natural Remedies”

  1. This is a really great post since my aunt has high blood pressure. Her cholesterol level is high too and what I’ve read was drinking pineapple juice can help lowering it down. I should advice her to drink coconut water as well. Thanks for this!

    xx, Janine | Wandering Ella

  2. This is really a very useful information! Can I add one more? I think Pineapple juice is also an effective way to lessen your blood pressure… My mom used to do it whenever her blood pressure is on whack… I do the same thing too!
    Garlic is also an effective to control or lessen the blood pressure!

    1. Thanks for your appreciation. I would request you to share this post with friends and family to make them aware about these and help them to fight this complication away.

  3. Oh, I am on a track. I love drinking coconut water and I use it on my green smoothies. It’s good to know that it lower down high blood pressure. This is good post!

    1. Thanks for your appreciation. I would request you to share this post with friends and family to make them aware about these and help them to fight this complication away.

  4. I’ve heard about drinking coconut water before, the old folks really believe that it’s a good remedy for hypertension. I didn’t know about the green coffee extract though, that’s good to know.

  5. thumbs up to you for sharing this! with stress brought by urban living, sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy diet, this little things can help

    1. Thanks for your appreciation. I would request you to share it more and more with your friends and family to make them aware of the various natural treatment of this common health complication.

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