high blood pressure causes

High Blood Pressure Causes: 5 Common


Unlike the yesteryears, there are more things to worry about these days. All of us feel the pinch as we have to work harder for the simplest things. Luxuries that you took for granted before are the little pleasures that you look forward to the most. One thing that you can be sure of is that stress has become a lifelong companion. The relationship between stress and blood pressure is like a love affair. And the best way to keep your pressure in check is to know the high blood pressure causes that have been discussed in this post.

high blood pressure causes
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1. Sedentary Lifestyle, Yet a Cause

One of the major high blood pressure causes is leading a sedentary lifestyle. Technology has actually spoiled us as you don’t need to go to the store because you have the luxury to place an order online. In every aspect of life, you begin to look for shortcuts and that is taking a toll on the health of most people. Go out, get some fresh air and it will help you to maintain your blood pressure.

2. Diet, the Major High Blood Pressure Cause

In the United States, nearly one-third of the people are affected by hypertension. One of the major high blood pressure causes is your diet. Yes, you’ve read it right. If you have a balanced diet, then you’ll be able to ward off not just hypertension, but a lot of other lifestyle diseases as well. Add more vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, low-fat dairy products and go easy on the salt. Staying away from excess sugar, pickles, canned soups and frozen pizza will definitely help you to keep your bp in check.

3. Alcohol, One of the High Blood Pressure Causes

The consumption of alcohol raises your blood pressure level. As a result of this, if you drink on a regular basis the chances are that your blood pressure level will increase. Excessive drinking is unhealthy as well. However, caution must be taken while cutting back on drinks for heavy drinkers as it might result in a steep drop in the bp. A drink or two a few times a week won’t cause too much harm. But, just to be on the safe side keep a count on the number of drinks you have.

4. Sleep Apnea, the Cause of High Blood Pressure?

A dangerous combination that you should be careful of is blood pressure and sleep apnea. Researchers call this combination deadly as it can be a silent killer. This is because; disturbed sleep along with interrupted breathing can lead to a surge in the blood pressure levels. As a result, it can also lead to either a heart attack or a stroke, in extreme cases. However, doctors have found that treating sleep apnea effectively help to lower high blood pressure as well, which is great!

5. Stress, Last but not the Least

Stress is one of the high blood pressure causes that you need to be careful about. The blood pressure levels tend to surge, when you face stressful situations. However, researchers state that they have been able to find a relationship between long-term stress and high bp. This can be overcome by engaging in regular exercise as the body will be able to relieve the stress by producing hormones that will relax the body. Additionally, some studies suggest that emotional stress can lead to damage in the arteries, which, in turn can cause heart disease.

It goes without saying that high blood pressure causes can be easy to tackle as long as you have a long-term strategy in mind. So, remember to smile more, be more active, eat healthy, get enough rest, cut down on the alcohol and your bp level will be good.


21 thoughts on “High Blood Pressure Causes: 5 Common”

  1. I have a high likelihood of having high blood pressure due to heredity. But now I see I’m not helping the situation with other life choices either. I think it’s time for a walk 😉

  2. Stress is a huge marker on this list, as it contributes to all the others and can exacerbate an already compromised immune system. I so agree with you on how technology has turned us into lazy babies. Yikes!

  3. I pretty much have 4 out of 5 of these in my life, but luckily have yet to be diagnosed with high blood pressure. After receiving a diagnosis of high cholesterol I have become a lot more aware of my lack of exercise and diet and have been working on both.

  4. My mother is having a high blood pressure whenever she takes stress. But as she started doing meditation and yoga, it’s quite helpful!

  5. I dont drink, but yes stress and sleep are two things that I have to keep a check on in order to make sure I dont have high blood pressure. Thanks for making me more vigilant!

    1. You’re extremely welcome. We’re very happy to know that you’ve been so benefited. Hope you pay a visit to our website for more such wonderful topics. Thanks

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