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How Do You Know If He Truly Loves You


Relationships have become so fragile these days that it’s hard to have faith on the words, Trust, commitment and most importantly love.  We often find two individuals committing to each other for lifelong happiness and then parting ways in just a few days, months or may be years. But why does it happen? Studies have revealed that almost 90 percent women in relationships complain about not being confident about whether her boyfriend loves her truly. They confess that their boyfriends definitely commit about a lot of things, but certainly they lack the fire, the feeling of being loved in their relationships. So, how can you actually find out if your boyfriend loves you truly? Here are certain identifiable signs, which may help you to understand your boyfriend’s feelings and intentions for you if he truly loves you.

1. His Interest Towards Your Whereabouts Genuinely

A person, who loves you truly will definitely be interested to know about your whereabouts and how your day was. If he asks you about how the day went or keeps on checking on you in regular intervals if everything is okay or genuinely tries to find out about how you actually are, he is definitely into you. However, it happens many a time, that this nature of a guy to ask you about your life keeps on diminishing with time. Trust me, this is an indication that he is losing interest and may be inclined towards seeing a new chick.

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2. The Sense of Priority

If he loves you, he will definitely find a way to hold you back, else he will always find an excuse. Love isn’t just a feeling. It’s actually a verb. It may happen that he is really busy in something very important and is unable to find time for you. But, he will ensure that he explains you properly and makes you know and understand it and carves a space in you.

3. He Stands With You in All Your Problems

A person loves you through all his heart, when he stands with you in any situation, especially during your worst times. A person, who loves you can neither leave you in any bad situation. Instead he will always try to help you out of the situation. And putting you into any bad situation or playing a blame game is never in his cards. He will always be by your side. If he ceases to be by your side after an argument or fight or any other reasons, trust me, he never had any genuine feelings for you. It was just an infatuation and may be a lust, but never love.

4. He is Ready to Compromise for your Happiness

Do I sound a bit filmy? Definitely not. If you love a person, you’ll try your best to bring in happiness in her life. And, he definitely won’t mind compromising in several situations, if necessary. Rather, the word, compromise will not exist in his dictionary. When his intention is to make his ladylove happy, he will care for her on his own and he will do anything to bring the smile in her face. If he admires and adores you for who you are, he’s definitely in love with you.

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5. The Body Language Says It All

If he loves you, you will understand right from his body language. The way he holds you in public or the way he looks at you or treats you in front of the friends are some of the unspoken ways, which display affection. He will never make you feel unwanted or avoid you in any way. Rather, he will make you feel that you are his and he is proud to have you in his life in his subtle ways.


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