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Having an Elder Sister is an Absolute Blessing!!!


From irritating the hell out of each other to picking each other up when low, elder sisters come a long way. They see you through your first heartbreak, all your triumphs and the awkward phases. Here I give you some beautiful reasons of why having an elder sister is an absolute blessing.

1.  The Second Mother

So what if Mummy is out with her friends? You already got an angel to take care of your food, sleep and everything else you need!

2. The Human Diary

Sister is the only person, who understands your emotions well and has the superpower to keep all of what you say to herself. So, in case, you want anybody to listen to your rant or want  a place for your outbursts, she comes to the rescue. She’s been there for you, all through your breakups and hookups.

3. A Partner for Every Outing

There are a very few people blessed with an enthusiastic shopping partner. The ones having a sister already posses it. The outings, movies, buying clothes, it’s all so good, when you have your sister around. Oh! also, she will laugh at your PJ’s when nobody does. (She doesn’t want to break your heart, awwww-dorable).


4. She Will Love You No Matter What

Regardless of where you are, live apart or together, her love for you is unconditional! She has been through your worst and best. She is the only one, who wouldn’t judge you for being your real self, instead motivate you for a becoming a better version of you.

We are sure many of you have wonderful moments with your big sister in your life. We won’t mind reading them in the comments section below.

Isita Chatterjee
Hello, I am a student currently pursuing my bachelors degree. Contact me @orphicfantast on Instagram and @AnOrphicFantast on Twitter.

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