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Why Hair Contouring is the Big Beauty Trend for All?

Beauty trends amaze with their diversity. Mainly, they refer to those techniques, which emphasize women’s natural beauty. The real hit of the fashion craze is hair contouring. With its help, you can enhance your appearance without using a makeup. A zest of this method is the creation of low lights and highlights. They alter facial features and make them more harmonious. These accents remind of sun-kissed tones when almost each individual strand has its own shade. The locks are highlighted strategically so that they bring out your cheekbones, a chin or forehead. This technique is used for all face types.

1. Round Face

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With the help of contouring, you may make the round face visually thinner. For this, have your locks cut as a cascade and add some glares to the tips and to facial wisps. Besides, have the hairline from ear to ear highlighted and have strands curled. You will like how hues on layers will sparkle and emphasize your skin and eyes. Dark roots will create the necessary contrast and add volume. This hair method isn’t appropriate for women with a round face, who have smooth hair of the same length.

2. Oblong Face

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Well-picked shades, which complement the natural color of your skin and eyes, can make the long face slimmer. Also, they may soften the harsh lines of the face. For this, the hairdresser makes the roots along the parting dark. And they merge with subtle shades along the entire length of the hair. This technique is preferable for long hair with layers. These lights will create the effect of the movement on your tresses. Moreover, glares on curly locks will make them look denser.

3. Oval Face

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If you have an oval face, lucky you! This is an ideal face shape for all types of hair contouring. Flat and curly locks of any color will suit it. You may add baby lights along the whole length, it will give more luster. Shiny hair looks more well-groomed and complements any image. Also, if you add dark shades underneath the ears and apply light tones to the tips, it will make the color deeper. Strands will look more textured if there are smooth transitions between the hues.

4. Heart-shaped Face

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The peculiarity of this shape is the wide forehead and a pointed chin. In this case, you need to create a balance and draw attention to the bottom of the face. So, you may add highlights closer to the jaws. The entire length of the hair starting from the middle to the ends should be lightened. Moreover, there should be a shadow on the top and the underneath of the hair should be kept dark. With this hair coloring, all features of your face will look softer and more feminine.

5. Triangular Face

Malaika Arora, triangular face, hair contouring
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This shape is characterized by a narrow chin and a wide forehead. Do you want to alter visually the shape of the chin? It may be done through hair contouring. Ombre and sombre techniques will be ideal for this purpose. All you should do is to have the crown darkened. Besides, add highlights to the mid length of your hair and have the ends lightened. It will emphasize the jawline. As for the texture of strands, frizzy hair of a different length will be the most suitable. You’ll look ravishing.

Thereby, hair contouring can’t change your face radically and eliminate all shortcomings as makeup can. However, it can put emphasis on your advantages, such as chiseled cheekbones, an aristocratic nose, and sparkling eyes.

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